Sandy Hook hoaxer gets prison time for threatening 6-year-old victim’s father

Written by Derek Hawkins (Washington Post)

A Florida woman who claimed the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax was sentenced Wednesday to five months in prison for making death threats against the parent of one of the students killed in the attack.

Lucy Richards, 57, pleaded guilty to one count of transmitting threats through interstate communications, admitting that she sent the parent a message reading, “LOOK BEHIND YOU IT IS DEATH,” court documents show.

The parent was referred to only as “L.P.” in court documents, but Reuters and the Associated Press identified him as Lenny Pozner. His 6-year-old son Noah was among the 20 children and six adults shot and killed by gunman Adam Lanza at the Newtown, Conn., school in December 2012.

Prosecutors alleged Richards left menacing voice mails and emails with Pozner last January, saying in one, “death is coming to you real soon.” Three of the charges in her four-count indictment were dismissed under the plea agreement.

After she completes her prison sentence, Richards will be confined to her home for five months, according to court records. She will also undergo three years of supervised release, during which time she will be required to maintain a daily log of her computer activity.

In court Wednesday, U.S. District Judge James Cohn told Richards her threats against Pozner were “disturbing,” according to the Associated Press.

The Newtown community mourns the lives lost when a gunman opened fire in Sandy Hook Elementary School, one year ago today. (Reuters)

“I’m sure he wishes this was false and he could embrace Noah, hear Noah’s heartbeat and hear Noah say ‘I love you, Dad’,” Cohn said, as reported by the Associated Press. “Your words were cruel and insensitive. This is reality and there is no fiction. There are no alternative facts.”

Prosecutors agreed to a somewhat reduced prison term for Richards “based upon the defendant’s recognition and affirmative and timely acceptance of personal responsibility,” the plea agreement says.

Richards apologized to Pozner in a statement, according to the Associated Press, which reported that she had mental health problems, including anxiety disorder and agoraphobia.

“I don’t know where my heart and head were that day, but they were not in the right place,” she said. “It was the worst mistake of my life and I am truly sorry.”

Sandy Hook hoaxers have peddled conspiracy theories about the mass shooting in online message boards, blogs and grainy YouTube videos. Their main allegation is that the massacre was a “false flag” or fake attack orchestrated by government officials to build support for gun control. There is no credible evidence supporting such a claim.

Hoaxers have harassed numerous parents and relatives of the Sandy Hook victims over the years, and Richards is the latest to atone for such actions.

In 2014, a self-proclaimed hoaxer in Virginia was sentenced to a year in prison after he stole Sandy Hook memorial signs from playgrounds honoring the victims. The following year, a Brooklyn man received a one-year suspended sentence for intimidating the sister of Victoria Soto, a slain Sandy Hook teacher hailed as a hero for shielding her first-graders during the attack.

Pozner, the target of extensive harassment, moved from Connecticut to Florida with his wife and two preteen daughters shortly after his son’s death. He has since dedicated himself to exposing hoaxers and debunking conspiracy theories about what happened at Sandy Hook, according to a New York Magazine profile last year.

He started by releasing Noah’s death certificate and report card to prove his son was real, the magazine reported, and once spent four hours fielding questions from conspiracy theorists on a Facebook group called Sandy Hook Hoax. He has filed hundreds of copyright claims to have pictures of his son taken down from conspiracy websites and has written commentaries in local newspapers calling out hoaxers by name. In 2015, he published a 165-page e-book that lambasted a leading hoaxer. And last year, he sued the same hoaxer for invasion of privacy.

“Conspiracy theorists erase the human aspect of history,” Pozner told New York Magazine. “My child — who lived, who was a real person — is basically going to be erased.”

Pozner also confronted James Tracy, a former academic who was one of the earliest purveyors of Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. After Tracy demanded proof from Pozner that his son was real, Pozner called on his employer, Florida Atlantic University, to take action against him. The university fired Tracy shortly after. He has filed a lawsuit in Florida to get his job back.

Court documents show that Richards learned of Pozner from news stories about Tracy’s firing. One of the stories listed Pozner’s phone number.

“Richards saw the telephone number and, because she was angry over the firing, decided to call L.P.,” reads a statement of facts filed with the court.

Prosecutors said Richards left four voice mails and two emails with Pozner on Jan. 10, 2016.

“You gonna die,” she allegedly said. “Death is coming to you real soon and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

All the messages contained “true threats,” prosecutors said.

On Wednesday, Pozner told Reuters he was satisfied with the sentence Richards received.

“For me it’s about raising awareness to this growing problem of alternative facts,” he said, “and people who are easily influenced by those facts, and then, take it upon themselves to think that they are the part of some army of good.”


Getting Specific: Founded and Unfounded Conspiracy Theories and Why it Matters Now.

I know a fair amount about conspiracy theories. When I was growing up, my father would regularly allude to any number of possible culprits behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. His list of possible motives for everyone from J. Edgar Hoover to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson included hushing him up about the existence of extraterrestrials or to keep the Vietnam War going indefinitely. At the time, these ideas seemed just as plausible as any other, including the “official story” as it was referred to by him and others who rejected the idea of Lee Harvey Oswald being the lone assassin.

I love my Dad and even after I learned that the majority of his and others’ misgivings about the JFK assassination had been sufficiently answered several times over, I respect him. He was, at one time, part of the two thirds of Americans who did not believe that Oswald, alone, killed JFK. This event, which would become America’s preeminent conspiracy theory, enthralled and confused. It was the unsettling and complicated event that awakened the country from the docile complacency and domesticity of the 1950s and a return to an anti-establishment strain of America’s civil DNA. My dad who was twelve when Kennedy was assassinated, grew up questioning and distrusting the Government; especially after being drafted into the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.

From my father’s influence, my becoming a 9/11-Truther was all but guaranteed.

Years later, after dozens of hours spent watching conspiracy “documentaries” that claimed to prove the twin towers had to be taken out by a controlled demolition and “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” and “What about building 7?” it was only my desire to ignore contradictory information that allowed me to maintain faith in a massive conspiracy conducted within the US Government involving several moving parts and thousands of collaborators all sworn to secrecy for life. At least two branches of the military, full coordination of all intelligence communities in the US and Canada, not to mention material support from United Airlines, Boeing, the Federal Aviation Administration and, perhaps most notably, the 55 military personnel that died in the Pentagon on that day.

I will go no further to debunk my own past beliefs. The point here is not to berate my past-tense self or to belittle anyone who still holds fast to the belief that 9/11 was an inside job. The point is that such a belief is just that, a belief and an unfounded one at that.

This is an important point that must be acknowledged going forward. We need to discuss conspiracy theories, even though the use of the word “theory” is a misnomer, in terms of founded and unfounded.

The fact is, the suspicion of a conspiracy or cover-up might not always be so far fetched, but there are ways to tell if such suspicions are warranted. The number of people involved in a conspiracy can, over time, has been shown to have a fairly reliable mathematical function.

That’s right! Conspiracies unravel and I can prove it mathematically!

Actually, Oxford University’s Dr. David Grimes already has.

Dr. Grimes’ work shows us that if a conspiracy exists and a large enough number of people are involved, it should be only a matter of time before it is revealed. That math can be taken the other way as well. If a supposed conspiracy, say the moon landing, has yet to be proven false after over fifty years, then very few people had to have been involved. Based on this metric, anyone willing to subject their belief in a conspiracy to logical scrutiny should also expect hard evidence by a certain point in time.

Here’s a simple mathematical equation, as I understand Dr. Grimes’ formula the chances of a conspiracy failing is approximately 4:1,000,000 per person per year. That’s a pretty big number. So, if we were to subject the 9/11 conspiracy theory to this metric, considering a number often given as necessary to pull off all of the attacks set at around 100,000, the conspiracy would most likely have unraveled by 2005. Of course, if someone were to say that such a conspiracy could be conducted only by the Executive office of the President (1800 people) and an elite team of less than 200 agents, such a conspiracy may not be revealed in our lifetimes (125 years).  Grimes acknowledges that his number is an estimate based on known conspiracies that have been revealed in the past. Such an equation should only serve as guide.


Consider one of the newest conspiracy theories out there, the suspicion that Trump, his campaign and post-election administrative staff, colluded with Russians to influence the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. It has been less than six months since the election that shocked the world, in which fewer than 20% of the American people voted for Donald Trump and, due to the electoral process, were able to claim an Electoral College victory.

If there had been collusion between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign, assuming that members in the know within the campaign would number about twenty and giving the Russians a team of about 1000 (maybe a generous number, I wouldn’t know). We would expect such a conspiracy to unravel within the next 980 years, with the odds being 1:1 in about 490 years. That would be ludicrous, of course, because either the information would come out within the lifetime of the last conspirator or the information would be released by some sleuth or scholar sometime beforehand. So, if there were some collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians we would expect to have seen something within our lifetimes, obviously.

If nothing has come out, at all, by that point, we should assume that there was no collusion.

Of course, there has been some information that has come out. It hasn’t necessarily implicated Donald Trump, but it keeps moving ever closer to him. The most recent implications being that Jared Kushner met with members of a sanctioned Russian bank, as well as seeking to create a secret communication back-channel between the Trump and the Russians during the Presidential transition period. This, along with Michael Flynn and others’ communications with Russians, have led to open speculation about a possible Trump/Russia collusion in the 2016 election. Not since the assassination of JFK have so many Americans openly discussed the possibility of a conspiracy in earnest.


One thing most Americans aren’t talking about anymore, whether or not the election was being hacked by the Russians. Most folks just find the idea too outlandish. Most Americans want to think of themselves as rational people and the stigma assigned to conspiracy theories is so great, especially after that whole big mess where people suggested that the last President of the United States wasn’t even born in the country, no one wants to be lumped in with that.

Well, what about a bit of a thought experiment. As more avid conspiracy theorists may say, “I’m just asking questions.” What if, hypothetically, some individual or group of individuals had hacked into county election offices in various States and were able to keep a few states Red that might have otherwise gone Blue. What would that look like?

How would anyone even know that it had happen?

A December 13, 2016 post by‘s Future Tense writer Theodore R. Johnson explained that Russia’s massive disinformation campaign was aimed at “hacking” the American voter by providing a steady stream of anti-Hillary Clinton leaks and fake news stories. This much is true and well known at this point, but for this thought experiment imagine that the mind of the American voter was not the only thing that was hacked. Johnson wrote that “despite a number of pre-election reports citing voting-machine vulnerabilities, anyone going in search of hacked precinct electoral computers is likely to come up empty-handed,” but this is the very task that has been taken on by #unhackthevote. has been analyzing and releasing their assessment of the the 2016 Presidential Election and the likely scenarios that they believe may provide evidence of someone, perhaps someone or some group in or from Russia, may have hacked the election for real, and not just in the “our hearts and minds” kinda way.

How, you may ask, does this crackpot intend to prove that the election was hacked? Apparently, they are using a healthy dose of mathematics. Specifically, Continuously Variable Transmission (or CVT) analysis, the same analytic framework used to study the variation in global economic markets. For those not well versed in CVT (including myself), detailed explanation of what this analysis shows on both their website and on Twitter via the hashtag #unhackthevote.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.30.33 PM
The caption explains the expectation that as size of precinct increases, variation normalizes.
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.31.31 PM
Here a county that has wide variation between precincts that would have been expected to normalize. The takeaway from this image would be that someone may have superficially altered the vote percentages.

Okay, now that everyone’s conspiracy theory glands are flaring up, allow me to provide an anti-inflammatory. CVT can show a few very interesting things, namely, that higher population precincts (read high population density) were more erratic in whom they voted for in the Presidential election than expected, and that smaller (rural) population density areas may have voted with more regularity than is to be expected. In one, very telling example (shown below) Union County, North Carolina’s rural (or at least more sparsely populated) precincts went overwhelmingly for Clinton but then, as if by magic, that same county’s higher population precincts went for Trump. It was is if Voting for Trump at some point was a function of a higher population precinct; as if the votes were programmed as such. This seemingly inextricable outcome, and here’s where I play the wet blanket, is not only an initial set of findings that have not been subjected to peer review but also represents a set of statistical anomalies that aren’t likely to impress a statistically unsophisticated American public. It may also be premature and there may well be a more logical reason for these anomalies. Only time will tell.

What happens when the smoke clears?

At some point, a conspiracy theory has to be acknowledged as either founded or unfounded. History shows that most major conspiracies (say, the Tuskegee Experiments) were never theorized before they were revealed whereas conspiracy theories such as the Moon Landing being a hoax only became popular after any likelihood of it actually being a conspiracy would have likely unraveled.

With a public armed to the teeth with the greatest conspiracy theory promotion tools the world has ever known (the internet and free time) and ready access to information to either confirm or falsify any conspiracy theory they may have (thanks again to the internet, along with the various echo chambers we humans tend to create for ourselves), there needs to be some arbitrary cut-off whereby a person can say “It’s been 10 years, maybe I can let the whole thing go.” For some, that time period may be only a few months. For some, like my father, nearly a lifetime. I would say that it is not wise hold onto some belief in a conspiracy for too long because 1) it can drive you crazy and 2) if there was anything to it you would have known by now. The problem is that such a belief can become a paranoid obsession, with every coincidence proof of an evermore vast conspiracy to cover up the last conspiracy, ad infinitum. That’s really no way to live.

So, as a concerned citizen, I want any wrong-doing laid bare for all to see. I want everyone who had a hand in any shady deal exposed and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. If that means that a conspiracy such as the Russians hacking the Presidential Election is exposed, so be it. If, however, no such hack occurred and the very real Russian interference of fake news stories, hacking the Democratic National Committee and releasing emails via WikiLeaks, and attempting to influence the Trump campaign were all that was done (and that is still a Hell of a lot) then, at some point, we all need to acknowledge it.

Note, I am not saying that we have made it that far yet. Right now, investigators such as #UnHacktheVote are doing exactly what needs to happen to say, eventually, whether such a hack occurred or not. A lot of angry voters decided to elect an anti-establishment President and, like it or not, that is who Donald Trump is. Hack or no hack, Trump/Russia collusion or not, Americans need to invest the time they might otherwise use to concoct conspiracy theories to do some deep prolonged introspection.

Fox’s Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory Falls Apart: ‘Investigator’ Admits He Has No Evidence

By Brian Tashman (Right Wing Watch)

In recent days a report from Washington D.C.’s Fox affiliate on the death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich has dominated the conservative media world, including Fox News, Breitbart, InfoWars, and the Drudge Report, while most other outlets are covering the ever-increasing number of White House scandals.

The local Fox broadcaster’s story relied on the word of a private investigator, Rod Wheeler, who claimed he discovered that Rich had transferred tens of thousands of emails to WikiLeaks, the group which released hacked DNC emails during the 2016 presidential election.

Wheeler, as it turns out, was a Fox News analyst, vocal Trump supporter and conspiracy theorist who was being paid by another Fox News pundit, Ed Butowsky. (Butowsky initially denied that he had any role in the investigation but then admitted that he had lied about his involvement.)  Both the Washington, D.C. police and Rich’s family rejected Wheeler’s “findings,” with a family spokesman saying that “there is a special place in hell for people” who “would try and manipulate the legacy of a murder victim in order to forward their own political agenda.”

Despite initial glee from right-wing media pundits—Alex Jones of InfoWars declared that Wheeler “got in the laptop” that Rich was using—it turns out that Wheeler has absolutely no evidence that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks.

Wheeler admitted to CNN that he had no evidence and based his allegations on something he heard from a Fox reporter:

But Tuesday afternoon, Wheeler told CNN he had no evidence to suggest Rich had contacted Wikileaks before his death.

Wheeler instead said he only learned about the possible existence of such evidence through the reporter he spoke to for the story. He explained that the comments he made to WTTG-TV were intended to simply preview Fox News’ Tuesday story. The WTTG-TV news director did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

“I only got that [information] from the reporter at Fox News,” Wheeler told CNN.

Asked about a quote attributed to him in the Fox News story in which he said his “investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” Wheeler said he was referring to information that had already been reported in the media.

NBC News also reported that FBI officials rebuffed “the Fox News claim that an FBI analysis of a computer belonging to Rich contained thousands of e-mails to and from WikiLeaks.”

Local police in Washington, D.C., never even gave the FBI Rich’s laptop to analyze after his murder, according to the current FBI official.

And a former law enforcement official with first-hand knowledge of Rich’s laptop said the claim was incorrect. “It never contained any e-mails related to WikiLeaks, and the FBI never had it,” the person said.

Despite this, Fox News ran with the story anyway, and Sean Hannity interviewed Wheeler on his program last night.

Wheeler conceded that he never once saw Rich’s emails or his computer: “I have never seen the emails myself directly. I haven’t even seen the computer that Seth Rich used. I don’t even know where the computer is.”

He told Hannity that he is relying on “a federal investigator” for information, whose tips made him “think that perhaps there were some email communications between Seth and WikiLeaks.”

“I don’t know for sure, I don’t know as a matter of fact if the emails went out to WikiLeaks or anybody else but it sure appears that way,” he said.

Wheeler’s statements on “Hannity” contradict what he told Fox’s Washington D.C. affiliate when he said there was “absolutely” evidence linking Rich and WikiLeaks: “That’s confirmed.”

Hannity, for his part, blindly speculated that Rich was a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter who communicated with WikiLeaks because he was outraged by Sanders’s treatment by the DNC.

It seems that no matter how unreliable and discredited this story gets, conservative outlets will likely stand by it.
UPDATE: In an interview with Newsweek, Wheeler said he never talked with the federal investigator—who he told Hannity “came across very credible”—he cited for his story:

The FBI is not investigating the unsolved murder of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, Newsweek has learned. The bureau’s lack of involvement refutes a Fox News report that an FBI analysis of Rich’s computer showed he had transferred more than 44,000 DNC emails to a person with ties to WikiLeaks. The report cited an unnamed “federal investigator.”

On Monday, a local Fox affiliate quoted Rod Wheeler, a private investigator looking into Rich’s death, as saying he knew of evidence connecting Rich to WikiLeaks. The following day, Fox News published an expanded report, claiming that a “federal investigator” had corroborated Wheeler’s comments.

Citing that source, Fox News said that “an FBI forensic report of Rich’s computer—generated within 96 hours after Rich’s murder—showed that he made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen,” whom The New York Times described in an obituary as a mentor to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and as director of WikiLeaks. The source said that sometime before May 21, 2016, Rich had transferred 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments belonging to DNC leaders dating from January 2015 to late May 2016. MacFadyen, the apparent recipient, died of lung cancer last October.

But Newsweek has learned that the FBI is not involved in the Rich case, despite the claims that it is. And speaking with Newsweek, Wheeler, the private investigator, seemed to walk back his comments.
Wheeler was not immediately available to comment on Wednesday about Newsweek’s finding. But in a message to Newsweek on Tuesday, Wheeler said the Fox News report was misleading and that his information was secondhand from that “federal investigator.” “I’ve never, ever seen Seth Rich’s computer, nor have I talked with the federal investigator,” he wrote in a message. “I think it is likely that there is information on the computer that can assist us in the investigation,” he said, “but short of that, I have nothing firsthand.” He added, “I’m just going off of what the federal investigator says.”


People Are Reporting Criminal (Space) Aliens To New ICE Hotline

By (NPR)

People are prank calling President Trump’s new office to report illegal “criminal aliens” — just not the type of “aliens” President Trump had in mind when he created the office.

Ever since the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) office opened earlier this week, people have taken to Twitter to encourage calling and reporting extraterrestrials to the office’s hotline.

President Trump called for the establishment of VOICE in a speech to a joint session of Congress in February, “to serve American victims.” Trump said the effort was to provide “a voice to those who have been ignored by our media and silenced by special interests.”

The VOICE office was created as a part of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which itself is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

“All crime is terrible, but these victims are unique – and too often ignored,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said in a statement.

The office says it’s not a hotline to report crimes, only for victims to gather information on things like “immigration custody status of illegal alien perpetrators of crime” and “the immigration enforcement and removal process.”

Critics and Trump opponents view it as an attempt to demonize all immigrants and say it’s racist.

ICE isn’t happy about the prank phone calls.

An ICE official emailed a statement to Fusion:

“I hope you won’t dignify this group with the attention they are seeking. But if you choose to do so…this group’s cheap publicity stunt is beyond the pale of legitimate public discourse. Their actions seek to obstruct and do harm to crime victims; that’s objectively despicable regardless of one’s views on immigration policy.

The VOICE Office provides information to citizens and non-citizens alike regardless of status, race, etc., whose loved ones have been killed or injured by removable aliens. VOICE provides access to the same information you and other reporters are already able to obtain. Yet this group claims it’s somehow racist to give the same to victims of all races and nationalities? That is absurd.

Further, openly obstructing and mocking victims crosses the line of legitimate public discourse. VOICE is a line for victims to obtain information. This group’s stunt is designed to harm victims. That is shameful.”

Despite the Trump administration’s drawing attention to crimes committed by people in the country illegally, there isn’t much evidence to suggest a prevalence of criminal activity among immigrants.

NPR’s John Burnett noted earlier this month that social research “dating back [about a century] has consistently found there is no link between immigrants and criminality.”

A study published online in 2013 said antisocial behavior — including committing crimes — “among native-born Americans was greater than that of immigrants.” Researchers found that “immigrants were significantly less likely to take part in violent antisocial behaviors as compared to native-born Americans.”

But modern research on arrest rates and immigrants is still limited, Burnett notes.

“So far, the research is not finding that the undocumented is offending or being rearrested at rates that are any different from the U.S.-born population,” Bianca Bersani, a criminologist at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, told him.

The rise of left-wing, anti-Trump fake news

BBC Trending

Since the US election presidential race, fact checking websites report what seems like an increase in anti-Trump, ‘liberal fake news’.

The fact-checking site Snopes told BBC Trending radio that in the past week, for example, they have debunked many more anti-Republican party stories than pro-Republican ones.

One example of an incorrect story is the unflattering, digitally-manipulated image, which suggested that US President Donald Trump had diarrhoea during a recent golf outing.

It’s hard to gather definitive data on the political bias in fake news stories, so the evidence for a rise in ‘liberal fake news’ is essentially anecdotal. But a recent study did effectively debunk the stereotype that fake news tends to be shared more by uneducated people or those with right-leaning politics, as compared to other groups.

“Fascinating and frightening”

“It [fake news] affects both the right and the left. It affects educated and uneducated. So the stereotypes of it being simply right-wing and simply uneducated are 100% not true,” says Jeff Green, who is the CEO of Trade Desk, an internet advertising company that was recently commissioned by American TV channel CBS to investigate who is reading and sharing fake news online.

His company did this by initially putting out two fake news stories – one from the left which falsely stated police had raided a protestors camp at Standing Rock and burnt it down, and the other from a right-wing website about false claims there was a congressional plot to oust Donald Trump.

Standing RockImage copyrightREUTERS
Image captionA left-wing fake story falsely claimed police had raided a protestors camp at Standing Rock and burnt it down

By using specialist software, the company’s researchers then followed readers’ online behaviour to get an idea of who and where they were.

“On the left if you’re consuming fake news you’re 34 times more likely than the general population to be a college graduate,” says Green.

If you’re on the right, he says, you’re 18 times more likely than the general population to to be in the top 20 percent of income earners.

And the study revealed another disturbing trend: the more you consume fake news, the more likely you are to vote. It’s “fascinating and frightening at the same time,” says Green.

Confirmation bias

One of the reasons for the growth in liberal fake news is financial.

“Those people who generate this kind of fake news don’t care about politics. They just care about generating clicks, and so sometimes they generate similar messages for the right and the left,” says Filippo Menczer, a professor of Informatics and Computer Science at Indiana University who runs the fake news tracking site Hoaxy.


As for where the market for liberal fake news comes from, according to Claire Wardle, who is a research director at First Draft – a non-profit organisation which is looking for solutions around trust and truth in the digital age – the appetite stems from so-called confirmation bias.

“People like to share information that makes them feel good, ” she says.

“Many people on the left right now are feeling overwhelmed and fearful and unsure of what’s going to happen next. While they’re scrolling through their information feeds at speed on small mobile phones their critical functions are not kicking in, and they’re seeing information that makes them feel immediately connected with other people who think similarly to them. And without doing the usual checks that they would do, they’re sharing and very quickly passing on similarly false and problematic content that we were seeing before the election.”

Brooke Binkowski pictureImage copyrightBROOKE BINKOWSKI
Image caption“Check your sources,” says Brooke Binkowski from fact-checking site Snopes

Brooke Binkowski, who is managing editor at Snopes website, warns newsreaders to stay aware of the emotions they feel when consuming content.

“If you are a newsreader or someone who likes reading news but you don’t know immediately what may or may not be fake, ask yourself by reading the headline, what emotions do I feel? Am I really angry, scared, frustrated, do I want to share this to tell everybody what’s going on? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then check your sources.”

Correction 17 April 2017: A reference to Snopes finding that suggestions President Trump profited from the US missile strikes in Syria were false has been removed from this story. It found the claims unproven.

Cancer faker Belle Gibson trumpets the miracle workings of a new herbal-fasting diet

Originally posted by Yahoo7 News

Sham miracle healer Belle Gibson is touting the remarkable diet regime similar to the one she said cured her of a brain tumour but also landed her a $1 million consumer misconduct fine.

VIDEO Judge urged to throw the book at the disgraced ‘wellness blogger’. Source: TMS

The Melbourne blogger has attached herself to the Master Fast System, which claims to help the body “heal itself” of its ills using a combination of fasting techniques and herbal remedies.

The notorious 25-year-old became rich and famous from selling her Whole Food app and a diet she said rid her body of cancer before her fraud was exposed in 2015.

Disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson has found a new miracle diet. Source: Instagram
Gibson faces a $1.1 million fine for her conduct, to be decided Wednesday. Source: Supplied

Gibson pocketed $578,005 selling her snake oil before being called out for being a “pathological liar” who never even had cancer.

She is now facing a $1.1 million fine for her “unconscionable conduct” in a lawsuit brought by , with judgement to be decided in Melbourne’s Federal Court on Wednesday.

But the looming court case has not stopped Gibson claiming the new diet had helped her to lose four kilos, heal two tooth cavities and improve intestinal function, according to the posts on the closed group MFS Facebook page.

Gibson’s Whole Pantry cookbook was pulped after five months on sale. Source: Penguin Publishing

None of it is true: Wellness guru comes clean

Under the name “Harry Gibson”, she also proclaimed she saw a change in her eye colour, and all within the first 11 days of embarking on the diet, the Daily Mail reports.

“I felt incredible all day. I hadn’t felt like this in my entire life,” one post stated.

“I’m not getting carried away with the ‘hype’ or lost in the moment, it truly was a day like none I have ever experienced.”

“Then in the same release of water was a HUGE ROPE WORM. I’m talking enormous. It ruined my day almost not to be able to get this on video. Baha.”

VIDEO Belle Gibson’s secret interview released

“It was coiled around itself like a spiral about 5 or more times and it took up with width of the tube, so based on this math, I’m guessing it was at least 60cm (at minimum!!).

“I felt such a HUGE relief and was floating all day afterwards,” the post read.

In another post she proclaimed the diet helped her teeth to heal cavities and would never need to visit a dentist for a filling again.

The Master Fast System was developed by Canadian entrepreneur Luigi Di Serio. Source: Facebook

“This is all progress in just 11 days. Saved myself $400? More?”

Gibson also claimed her tonsils had shrunk by 30 per cent, she lost four kilograms and her “hazel eyes are starting to change to more green with what seems to be blue underneath. Woah!”

MFS was started by Canadian alternative health salesman Luigi Di Serio with the sales pitch that it can give hope to those given a “death sentence”.

“If you have been given a death sentence and without hope, let us teach you that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and your situation CAN be turned around no matter what ‘they’ named your dis-ease,” the company website states.

The MFS Key which helped Gibson with her miracle changes in only 11 days. Source: MFS


The system sells guides and special herbal teas and “specialist protocol support” with a price tag from $238 to $595 and “herbal tincture” packages that start at $333 to more than $1100.

While Gibson appears to be a true believer of the diet’s power, she does not appear to have any business or commercial links to MFS or Di Serio.

Gibson claimed to have healed terminal brain cancer by eating wholefoods, but later admitted in an interview with the Australian Women’s Weekly the diagnosis was a hoax.

Asked if she had ever had cancer, Ms Gibson told the magazine: “No. None of it’s true.”

Gibson will learn her fate at court on Wednesday. Source: Facebook

Gibson peddled her miracle cure through the Whole Foods app, which cost $2.99 to download, and secured a book deal with Penguin Publishing for $263,947.

But the book was pulled from shelves after five months when Gibson’s lie unravelled and Penguin was accused of going to print despite the strong suspicion their high-profile author was charlatan.

Gibson was also accused of failing to make a promised $300,000 donation to charities.

Justice Debby Mortimer will hand down her verdict in the consumer affairs case brought against Gibson on Wednesday, with a CAV calling for a $1.1 million fine and a public apology to be printed in newspapers.

Alternative Reality #5: Friends Indeed: Hoteps and Neo-Nazis Unite.

This is the fifth entry in a series archiving the conspiracist worldview in their own words from interviews, from found documents, but predominantly from online publishing and blog posts from people with a conspirative worldview. Hyperlinked, and printed, just in case the original article is deleted.

After the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, neo-Nazis and the alt-Right movement that they are associated with has been in the news frequently. In this climate of increasing anti-Semitic bomb threats and anti-immigrant violence comes an unlikely alliance.

In case you need a brief primer before reading this alternative reality, here you go …

Hotep (adj.) is an African American subculture designation typified by hyper-Masculinity, pan-African mysticism, racial separatism, and the belief in an Illuminati Shadow Government.


What is this Hotep and Neo-Nazi alliance?

Written by Ali Shakur (Posted at HotepNation)

Over the past few months on Twitter people have noticed that a few Hoteps and I have become quite friendly with white nationalists / Neo-Nazi. People don’t understand it so allow me to take this time to explain.

Firstly, both sides represent the alpha traits of their respective races. Hoteps represent that for blacks and Neo-Nazi for whites. The Left is quite feminine in their approach whereas they like to cry, complain, and protest but never actually want to do anything for themselves. Hotep and Neo-Nazi want to do for self. They want independence.

Foreign Interest

Hotep/Neo-Nazi are sick and tired of American people being pushed to the back in favor of foreign interests.

The Left is a hypocritical bunch. On one hand, they want to complain about Trump’s so-called “Muslim-ban” but on the other hand, they were quiet as a mouse when America was bombing and killing innocent people in these same Muslim countries.

The Left is complaining about a wall and not wanting to use taxpayer dollars to build it but where was the left when America was using taxpayer dollars for our exuberant defense budget? Nowhere! That’s where.

In a nutshell, the Left wants more government involvement and the Right wants less. See the book “Animal Farm & 1984” or “Brave New World” to discover the many reasons why we should NOT be looking for more government involvement. More government means more restrictions and less rights. Why don’t people understand this? It’s common sense.

Why is Hotep and Neo-Nazi championing Trump’s PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES and his build the wall campaign? Because it puts Americans first.

The job market and healthcare system is stressed past its limit so why would we want to stress it even more? Black unemployment is double the nation average but blacks are fighting for these Mexican and Muslim foreigners, who will come to America and compete with them for jobs. Foreigners will put blacks on soup kitchen lines if they don’t wake up soon.

In Muslim countries, blacks are forced into slavery, especially the women. There is even proof of ethnic cleansing performed by Arabs to remove the African from the territories they hold. How come we never hear/see the far left blacks protest this? Because the media didn’t tell them to.

The Hispanics don’t like blacks but that’s one of those untold truths people don’t like to discuss. But of course, blacks have to play world hero and defend Mexicans against this wall. George Lopez just told us that Hispanics do not like blacks. I’ve seen it first hand. Just ask your Dominican friends – if they’ll tell the truth.

Hoteps want blacks to put blacks FIRST. How can you help others when you cannot even help yourself?

Neo-Nazi sees this threat of borders being erased and American deterioration and they are sick of it too. This is also where they align with Hotep.


Hoteps want blacks to work towards having their own independent system where blacks do for blacks and don’t ask for handouts. The white nationalists and Neo-Nazi want pretty much the same.

In this aspect, both sides see eye-to-eye.

The far-left blacks want to cry for white acceptance from so-called white supremacy. They want white awards at white award shows and white pity. Hotep wants nothing to do with these moral victories as you cannot build a nation upon a foundation of emotions. [tweet this quote]

Hoteps are sick of blacks complaining about white supremacy. Blacks talk about how their melanin is so magical but if this is true, then surely no melanin-recessive person should be able to stop you, right? Do you see how contradicting blacks are now?

Neo-Nazi is tired of hearing blacks cry about racial oppression, so naturally, they will support the Hoteps that push back on this type of behavior.

Hoteps believe that because of the internet, the many resources available to blacks, and the privilege of being an American, we no longer need to look to the so-called white man for help. We can do for our own. Is that so bad?

Besides, if America is so bad, why is everyone fighting to come here?

“I believe that racism only exists in the media and the minds of the foolish.” [tweet this quote]

The media is controlled by “them” and “their” strategy is divide and conquer. As long as “they” can keep us fighting “they” can always present themselves as the solution and PROFIT. Hotep and Neo-Nazi are NOT fighting. Guess who’s hip to the game?

A great man builds wealth by making decisions based upon potential gains – NOT race. A poor businessman makes decisions based upon race. So the system, which is FOR PROFIT, cannot be inherently racist. It will only mask itself in it, for the sake of PROFIT.

The blacks love to spend on movies? Fine! They’ll make them some black movies to be proud of while they take the lion’s share. All blacks want are the emotions anyway. It’s a fair deal. Blacks get the emotions and “they” get the profit.

The blacks want awards? Fine! But “they” get the profit. Blacks are the enablers of white supremacy. Power is the child of strong economics. White power is sustained by black economics. Until blacks reverse the economics back in their favor, they will be oblivious to their enslavement.

DeVos Education Reform

Currently, blacks are upset about the DeVos education decision but why? It’s absolutely ridiculous in the eyes of a Hotep because why would you complain about white supremacy then ask that same enemy to properly educate your kids? It makes no sense.

Currently, the teacher’s union has fought to limit the number of charter schools in a particular region because they want their fair share of federal funding. They’re money hungry basically.

Blacks, due to democratic brainwashing fear the charter schools because “segregation”. I’d argue that segregation is EXACTLY what’s needed. Blacks need to teach other blacks. How can a white woman teach a black child how to operate in America? They cannot relate AT ALL. The only time they relate is when a white teacher does the “dab”.

It would behoove blacks to support school choice so that blacks can build their own schools. Because of government regulations and restrictions, pushed by the democrats, wealthy blacks cannot even build the schools we desperately need.

Blacks need to teach blacks and whites need to teach whites. Not to say either cannot be taught by the other but a black child needs to be able to relate to the teacher. How many times has a black boy been sent to the principal’s office because some white woman can’t get through to him due to CULTURAL differences?

Blacks want white supremacy to teach their kids whereas Hotep says “Educate your own kids”. This is dependency versus independence. Get the book “Black America Inc.” to see how blacks were much more educated and wealthy under segregation – and how integration destroyed black economics.

Hoteps would argue that Integration was infiltration and ever since integration, the white man’s ice has been colder than the blacks’. We lost our sense of community which is why our communities are in shambles RIGHT NOW.

Red Pill

Another thing Hoteps and Neo-Nazi have in common is being “red-pilled”. They see past the facade presented to us in the mainstream media. We see the lies and deception and we’re sick of it. We’re sick of the mainstream media lying to us.

The Left loves to follow behind and be controlled by the MSM. The Left never cares about any one issue until the MSM says its an issue. The Left is essentially controlled by media – and Soros of course.

The Left, which is majority women, is being controlled emotionally. The media and entertainment succeed by playing on their emotions. We see it, but the Left does not. The Left lacks discernment and most of them just follow the herd. There is no deviation from the norm.

Do a Twitter search on Shaun King (white man pretending to be black), Deray, and whatever white person represents the far left in conjunction with the following terms: GMO, Monsanto, Federal Reserve Banking, IMF, or central banking. You’ll discover NOTHING. It will return ZERO results because these people don’t/won’t/can’t discuss these issues. It’s taboo on the Left. The Left still believes the official story on 9/11 – that’s how lost they are.

But these are the REAL issues affecting ALL of us today. And few on the Left want to discuss them. Well, Hotep and Neo-Nazi is NOT afraid and WILL discuss them


The far-left is nothing but a bunch of cry babies that want Uncle Sam and Big Brother to handle ALL of their problems while Hoteps and Neo-Nazi want government involvement ONLY where absolutely necessary.

We want the freedom to build our own schools and educate our own kids. We want U.S. jobs for U.S. people. We want America to come first.

If people don’t want to mix with another race, they reserve that right. Isn’t that the meaning of freedom? The Muslims won’t mix with your kind but you’re so sympathetic to their faux issues but hate white people who do the same. Think about the idiocy in that.

Are there racist whites on the far right? Yes – just like far left blacks are racist towards whites. Do I care? Hell no, I don’t. Other people’s emotions do not stop me from reaching my goals. They NEVER have. And the minute they do, it’s my fault.

I’d rather align with a white racist nationalist than a black person that begs white people for awards and handouts from a different kind of racist – the far left Democrat. A black that begs from whites is still a slave and I want nothing to do with slavery.

A black that begs from whites upholds the system of white supremacy more than a white nationalist, so essentially these types of blacks are white supremacists. Supremacy is a dual system. One above and one below. If you do not forfeit to being below then the other cannot be above – or supreme.

You know it’s bad when I’d rather align with a racist white than a cry baby black. Why? Because a white nationalist will agree that blacks have to do for blacks and stop complaining about what whitey did/does to them. When you act like prey, don’t be surprised when a predator emerges. [Tweet this quote]

When you blame others for your condition it only leaves room for excuses to be made and where there are excuses there is no progress. Blacks MUST take responsibility for their own condition and DO FOR SELF. Until they take responsibility, whites will ALWAYS have blacks eating out of their hands. FEED YOURSELF!

I find it ironic that the “fringe” groups of each respective race have found harmony before their counterparts. The Far left blacks still can’t get along with whites but Hotep has found a way. This is the power of independence, understanding, and accountability.

How can Neo-Nazi and Hotep be the crazy ones if we’re not fighting but you people on the Left feel the need to always fight. Who’s REALLY crazy? Who’s really the mature ones? Who can really lead change?

Listen to Doe’s podcast on the matter, PLEASE! I GUARANTEE you’ll enjoy it.

Also, listen to the author of this post, me, discuss the issue.


February 8, 2017 at 11:51 am

New Right is a better explanation of alignment IMO. Neo-Nazi was co-opted by identity politics and wacko extremists. New Right represents a more color-blind movement towards exactly the things you speak of. (Taking care of ourselves and our country first, family building, rejection of feminized outrage culture, etc.

    • February 8, 2017 at 4:29 pm

      New Right,or NuRight as we in the Neo-Nazi call them,are exactly the same thing as Republicans pre-Trump.They are trying to claw their way back into popularity on our coattails by pretending White Nationalists co-opted the Neo-Nazi when in fact we created it in order to do for Whites what they wouldn’t.They are now copying our memes without understanding them and are similar except in one respect.They will not name the jew.They will not name the one who owned the majority of slave ships.75% of jews owned one or more slaves whereas only 2% of Whites did.They will not tell you this.They will not name the people who enslaved the Africans for 200 years in America and have enslaved the Whites for 100.They are the servants of the jews and will do everything in their power to pretend the problems Hotels and Neo-Nazi are not caused by jews,when in each and every case you can dig and find the jew or jews responsible.They don’t want us to solve the problems.

      • March 3, 2017 at 11:27 pm

        This is complete and total bullshit. The difference between the New Right and Neo-Nazi is the Neo-Nazi is delusional and unrealistic, while the New Right works to further a very similar agenda while recognizing the multiracial realty we actually live in. I was a simple libertarian with no political party to represent my views that big government was getting in the way of my freedom before Trump. When many (idiotic) Republicans and libertarians were turned off by Trump’s protectionist rhetoric, I remembered a quote by Ronald Reagan, who I’ve always mistrusted (and still do):

        “I believe the best social program is a job”

        Problem is, Reagan didn’t specify what country he wanted those social programs to be in, so they ended up in Mexico and China, etc. Unlike Reagan, Trump can’t specify any more clearly where he wants those jobs to be. Ironically, the more protectionist America becomes, the less we citizens will need the government. The whole paradigm has shifted. The New Right are not Republicans or (supposedly?) union-loving Democrats, they’re simply patriotic American nationalists.

        Lastly, unlike the white supremacists of the Neo-Nazi, I know how to hide my power level and this is critical to the nationalist movement. My contribution to the meme war was (and still is) far more effective than an Neo-Nazi TRS shill from 8pol, because I’m fighting tough engagements on message boards and comment sections across the internet without resorting to exclusionary and discriminative rhetoric. Anyone who leaves their mother’s basement for more than a ten minute trip to buy milk, that mentioning race turns normies away from hearing logical and reasonable arguments (especially guilt-ridden whites). You can work towards a healthier and happier racial group through improving the nation as a whole. Instead of lamenting your concern for the future of the white race, you can be an example of the success obtained through moral convictions and avoiding the degeneracy destroying our society. This is common sense to most people including Hoteps, but apparently not the Neo-Nazi.


        February 11, 2017 at 12:58 am

        Why would Hotep or Neo-Nazi want to be color blind? Isn’t the diminishing the importance of each race, and really completely goes against everything Ali is writing about.

        We don’t need a “New Right”, it’s NEVER racist to look out for your own peoples interest. The New Right is just a new name for the same system we’ve had for far too long. Most likely created by the same (((people))) responsible for this mess we are all in now. “Oy Vey, goyim. Shut the Neo-Nazi down…Shut Hotep down. Join our new color blind club.”

        Yeah…no thanks.

        Fantastic work, Ali! Keep spreading the truth. Keep waking your people up, and I’ll keep waking mine.

        February 11, 2017 at 1:58 am

        • Because Neo-Nazi is a dying movement. It was co-opted by racists and idiots doing “roman salutes” to the mainstream media. All major players have distanced themselves and the race “warriors” are left holding the bag.

          If Hotep wants to grow the way the New Right has, it doesn’t need shitty optics, swastikas and frog emojis. (Does that ever get old?) It needs to appeal to those who want to band together for a bigger cause than focusing on skin color, shoe size or dick size. His country has real issues and if you look at what’s happening in Europe right now… you’ll see our future if we don’t stop bickering over bullshit.

          Point is – there’s a place for everyone in fighting globalism, big government etc. but you’ll kill this thing in a minute if you start waving swastikas and old Dixie around.

          But, that’s just me. I don’t expect to change the minds of folks who have been obsessed with their skin color for most of their life.

          • February 13, 2017 at 1:25 pm

            Hah, trying to frame the wheat being separated from the chaff as “the major players distancing themselves”?

            No, kike. We left those weak spined faggots in the dustbin of irrelevance.