Great Deceptionists: Aliens come from Hell

Video posted 11//2/11

3,933,000 views by 12/5/2014

Synopsis: A growing theory that first views existing Illuminati conspiracy theories as accurate, and UFOs and extraterrestrial interaction as an intentional phenomenon that the Illuminati allows, claims the true nature of these aliens is that they are demons and the Illuminati (as well as nearly every famous and powerful person on earth) is satanic.

This is a total conspiracy theory, by which I mean that anyone disagrees has either “not woken up” or is a member of the conspiracy. Great Deception ideas are based on the Bible verse; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-11 and calls alien abductions and UFOs a deception that is intended to keep humanity from realizing that aliens are truly demons and to keep people from believing in Jesus Christ. Connected with this theory is the speculation that a major extra-terrestrial visitation is imminent; a history changing event that will be initiated to end Christianity and give the earth to Satan (the real source of the so-called aliens). The majority of the Earth’s human population will be tricked into battling against Jesus at the last battle of Armageddon because they will believe they are fighting for peace (several variations on this abound).

This specific video produced by Michael Hur (as Shield of the Son Productions) links UFO sightings to Christianity, assumes all UFO sighting flaps are intentional, and that a secret base on the moon is linked and is a cite for hidden gold and technology. The lunar landing did happen, but the secret city on the moon was covered up. Additional speculation surrounds ancient texts and human remains that are interpreted as proving ancient human space travel and to further the idea that every world power in history has dealt with these demons.

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