Jack Hyles and the Requirement of an Antichrist

The long, winding, obscure and fiery 1970 sermon decrying hippies, predicting the American genocide of the Russians and that an Antichrist must lead. A classic sermon from a firebrand Premillennialist (believer in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture) who asserted that America needs a dictatorship, props Julius Caesar up as the greatest leader in human history and that four great dictators rose from anarchy to save the world from depravity and chaos.

This is a notable sermon for a few reasons. Many Christian extremists and fringe Christians cite this sermon as predicting that Barack Obama would come to power and that he is the Antichrist. The predicted Fifth Great Empire will be a Western Empire, that the Antichrist will be the leader of the Western Empire, that a “United States of Europe” may be the center of this empire but that the Antichrist may be “a negro man … white or black or somewhere in between” (37:25). Now it is important to note that he would definitely not be considered a racist or white supremacist at all but, rather using the Bible story of Nimrod as his basis and the common language of his day to express himself. With a simple willingness to ignore several other inaccuracies, one may be willing to read this as Hyles’ predicting the future formation of the European Union and the Obama Presidency. He also predicted that Russia and the Middle East would unite against Israel, a common Millennialist prediction (along with the One World Government), and spent a significant amount of time preaching that Dictatorship is always required to unite the world.

Bro. Jack Hyles became a figure of controversy later in life, after accusations of sexual and child abuse. This story, like that of many famous pastors, begins to have conspiracy theories surrounding him as well.

Hyles founded Hyles Anderson College and First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN.

Hyles died in 2001.


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