Mystification by Proxy

The internet is a great place for discovering new cultures, studying religious practices and better understanding our world. This isn’t how everyone uses the internet, however. The video above is an example of self-flagellation as part of the Shi’ite commemoration of the Day of Ashura (for the bare minimum on that, click here).

The video that posted to YouTube was picked up by second-order websites (basically blogs with better graphics) and posted with metaphysical conjecture as to the extra-human nature of the events.

Obsession or transgenically mutant with alien genes? This man survives something that is not possible for any normal human being!

The headline is followed by the video and a line of conjecture that assumes an occult power. It is the power to posit anything, in print, regardless of logic or reason, and to have it spread socially until it becomes a minor belief system. This is one of the many products of a democratized internet, it is perhaps one of the worst.


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