The Digital Anunnaki

I have, in the past, subscribed to (believed in) quite a few conspiracy theories.

In the past, even those that include somewhat far-fetched “extra-scientific” theories were not entirely beyond belief to me; but I tended towards anything that implicated higher level government agencies or wealthy power-brokers (and I am sure the psychology students out there can give me a pretty good psych profile based on that alone).

The one theory that never seemed to sound even remotely feasible to me was the shape-shifting reptile Anunnaki popularly theorized as the true rulers of all humanity by David Icke.

Though the belief in a race of reptiles that morph into human form (who, in fact, rule over us all) may seem far-fetched out of context (okay, and in context as well), it is really only a matter of meeting the necessary required benchmarks.

I. Might you find it possible that some government agencies in the U.S. are corrupt and/or conspiratorial?

II. Might the recent international trends toward globalization seem to breed odd alliances between once warring countries?

III. Might all this global consolidation of governance (European Union, United Nations), trade (NAFTA, the proposed TPP trade agreement), economic organizations (WTO, IMF) and military cooperation (United Nations, NATO) seem suspect to anyone who has been taught to distrust foreign governments and have a certain amount of national pride or want their country to succeed (as was the case with so many Americans, especially after 9/11)?

IV. Could I, II, and III all be connected? Could there be a malevolent group (i.e. The Illuminati) behind it all?  Might they have a master plan?

V. Could that malevolent group be something other than human?

If you agreed with questions I, II, and III, then you surpassed the first benchmark and are likely to not find IV all that far-fetched. If you agree with IV (the second benchmark), and you don’t have any specific belief that would prevent V from being feasible (the third benchmark), you will most likely find V somewhat feasible. Most people that I have met agree with at least 2 out of the first 3. Based on my experience the population who believe in IV are few, but not entirely rare. Also, based on my experience, those who believe in V are rare, but vocal.

Vocal isn’t the proper word.

Ubiquitous is more like it. The internet grew up alongside those that see the Anunnaki as our true leaders. As Web 1.0 gave way to Web 2.0, search engines were already awash in conspiracy theories involving alien overlords. From there, search algorithms continued to favor an increasing number of stories, theories, speculative articles and websites devoted to stories about the Illuminati, the Anunnaki, UFO abduction stories, and ‘spooky pasta’ about human-alien hybrids.

Today, self-proclaimed online news forums (such as provide content for Facebook posts on the subject and discussion group fodder. YouTube has become a hotbed of ‘proof’ of shape-shifters caught on video.

The hyperlink examples of ‘proof’ in quotation marks are, as you may notice; generally video footage of television screens, generally focus in on the eyes, and generally play the same footage over in slow motion to ‘prove’ their findings. The argument that is given is that shape-shifters (the name is misleading based on this argument) use cloaking devices that sometimes malfunction.

The videos that ‘prove,’ for instance, that George W. Bush is a shape-shifter are laughable to the non-believer, but still deserve to be rationally debunked for the sake of reason and so that future societies can be aware that we did not all believe in the Anunnaki Illuminati.

Technically speaking…

There are various causes for the visual distortions of the eyes in these videos. I, personally, do not think that the people who record or post these videos are manufacturing intentional hoaxes but are, rather, fooling themselves with their eyes (and their own biases).

First off, their are too many things that can distort a digital image to list them all in a blog that is not entirely devoted to the subject (if I find one, I will add it). The digital image distortions due to motion are numerous as well, but the ones that have to do with the eyes are going to be my primary focus.

Digital video formats, such as H.264 have an amazing capacity to reproduce visual images through balancing color input with frame rate; allowing images expected to remain a certain color to stay that color and allocating memory elsewhere. When sudden movements occur, a brief color echo can occur.

This effect is exaggerated when taking video of video; as in the case of taking a digital video of your television. For all those who do not believe me, please, consider using VHS instead to ‘prove’ that this is not the case.

Another issue that causes some to believe that they have just ‘witnessed’ a shape shift event is that the people making these videos often watch the television screen through the camcorder’s video display and not with their own eyes or through a viewfinder. Their initial reaction will only be confirmed upon playback.

This issue is compounded when the camera is operated handheld. To prove this to yourself, film yourself talking, moving, blinking, etc. then play it back and film that! If you do you will likely see distortions upon playback of the second video (and you know that you aren’t a shape-shifter, right?).

So, why are so many of these videos of footage recorded from news shows? I think some of the reasons that people think they are seeing shape-shifters on news shows is the lighting, especially a little known studio tool called the “ring light.” Florescent light gives every talking head it shoots that glint in the eyes television producers desire, but for special guests or news anchors who speak and look into the camera a ring of light gives spark and sparkle to that most expressive area of the face; the eyes.  The most well known video of a ‘shape-shifter,’ former U.S. President George H. W. Bush was likely a victim of bad lighting including the unfortunate use of a ring light.

Pretty sure he ran things, pretty sure he is not a lizard.
Pretty sure he ran things, pretty sure he is not a lizard.

If you, or someone you know, has spent countless hours in a cold sweat for fear that your ‘knowledge’ of the ‘reptillian overlords’ may make you a target, I hope this post helps you. There is no doubt that some people believe that these things are true (and no blog or evidence will disprove what they saw with their own eyes!!!) but I hope that this post will help others who just need enough evidence to dissuade them from crossing that third benchmark or those who have already crossed thresholds and are ready to come back.


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