The Satanic Superbowl

Two dominant domestic conspiracy flows exist in the United States; the secular and the religious. The secular conspiracy theories generally conclude that government or secret orders seek total earthly control. Religious conspiracy theories tend to focus on satanic deception and magick employed to bewitch men’s souls.

To some extent, anything that is not directly sanctioned by a church can (and probably has) been suspected as a satanic conspiracy. For instance, Ke$ha, Beyoncé, and Jim Carrey were all accused of being figureheads of satanic witch covens on ‘Alternative News’ websites (i.e. Before It’s which are regularly cited by Religious extremists due to a distrust in mainstream media. 2014’s Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon was also explained to be a satanic binding ritual and Monster energy drink was exposed for its hidden satanic imagery.

The Internet did not start this type of thinking, but it has definitely given like-minded folks the ability to convince one another of their accuracy.

Now, to the satanic Superbowl Halftime Show. The consistent accusation of anything with advanced digital graphics, significant choreography, fancy costumes, and more. Any among a growing list of shapes (currently including triangles, ovals and the trapezoid), numbers (666, but therefore also 6, 36, 18 and 999) and letters (generally through any number of numerology schemes) can be thought to be an homage to Satan. These things all come together in the most watched annual television concert event in American media; the Superbowl Halftime Show. The belief that the Halftime performance is a satanic ritual is becoming both persistent and predictable. Unless the 2016 Halftime show is performed by a Christian Rock band I can guarantee (without knowing who will be performing) that the internet will be abuzz with the inherent satanism of the performance.

2015’s Super Bowl performer, Katy Perry, was already being accused of Satanic Ritual intent (this post was made before the live event took place). Perry will be summoning demons in her performance this evening, says AM talk radio hosts Jan Markall and Paul Ridgeway. This is the latest in a string of satanic assessments for the Superbowl Halftime show that includes the much hated (by these folks, anyway) Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Madonna.

This pattern of seeing satanism at the Superbowl Halftime Show has not been lost on the very people that believe in the Satanic/Illuminati (for some, the two are interchangeable)  conspiracy. Luckily, or unluckily depending on how you view this subject, the internet media finds subjects such as these laughable and attempts to catalog them for posterity and later mockery. Whether it be proof of a Satanic/Illuminati conspiracy that is bound to perform public ritual for purpose of brainwashing, or proof that perception can be clouded by ideology and healthy(?) distrust in the ruling class; look for a new collection of symbolic connections ranging from the number of times Katy Perry winks to the color combinations of her obligatory impromptu guest performers outfits.

Pattern Recognition is a major factor in Conspiracy Theory ideation. People see popular musicians perform in lavish costumes in front of ten of thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers every year and the idea that maybe there is something ‘going on here’ develops and grows. A brief internet search would seem to reveal that, “Yes, there is something going on here, and it’s pure evil!” If you think that there is a secret cabal controlling our minds with hypnotic messaging during the most watched sporting event of the year, then this would make perfect sense. The other way it can be taken is that, Pepsi-cola wants you to notice the halftime show so you will think of Pepsi next time you go to the store, so they pay for big names to perform in over-the-top one-0ff performances, every year trying to out do the previous one. Is that mind control? Is it the ‘powers that be’ trying to trick you? If it is, and you are mad about it, you can always avoid Pepsi. But, of course, that is not what this conspiracy theory is suggesting: the suggestion is that the Super Bowl Halftime Show is a satanic trick to get you to enjoy Satan, your kids to become bisexual, your family to hate God, worship money, and any other ‘this worldly’ desirous thing as portrayed in a generally well-orchestrated and choreographed live performance broadcast throughout the world.

Enjoy the Game.

Update: 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Performers are return performer (and supposed member of the Illuminati) Beyoncé and the band Coldplay. Expect a repeat of the unhinged accusations to exceed previous years’ conspiracy theories due to the return of Beyoncé and the fact that this year marks Super Bowl 50.



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