Aliens, Demons, and the Great Deception (includes Addenda)

Aliens, Illluminati and the Great Deception

Fringe perspectives on Mainstream Media

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In watching television news or any mainstream media broadcast, all viewers take the information and filter it through their own worldview. Viewers may fully accept messages as stated, interpret them as coded messages, view reports as biased, or otherwise take an oppositional stance to their perception of the broadcaster’s meaning. This means, even before a viewer can accept or reject what is perceived to be the message of a News broadcast or sitcom (for example), they must first define the meaning in reference to their own worldview. This may seem simple enough, but I intend to show some examples where it definitely is not. Fringe belief systems, whether part of a group or a belief that some people may adhere to, tend to take news media through an oppositional lens.  Some who believe specific fringe ideas go further to read news stories as part of an intentional conspiracy, obfuscating the truth in their worldview. To the level by which fringe believers are aware they are in opposition to the general public, they will read the intended meaning as intentional hegemonic brainwashing. To the level by which one fringe believer or group is aware of another fringe group’s interpretation of the world, they will attempt to refute the official meaning as well as the rival interpretation and give reason as to the falsehood of opposing interpretations.

Belief in Alien involvement in human genesis and their future involvement in humanity is no longer an unheard of fringe belief. Alien Millenarians (at least) believe in imminent extraterrestrial contact that will bring about a permanent terrestrial transformation. Some believe that aliens are humanity’s genetic relatives, some believe that aliens walk among us either in their real form or using a cloaking device, some believe that this earth will soon be destroyed and that the few chosen will escape amid alien spaceships. This may be seen more as a set of fringe beliefs and not one insular fringe group (though it includes some specific groups, i.e. Raelians, Nuwaubians, and the late Heaven’s Gate group). This worldview (in fact, extra-worldly-view) of reality sees UFO sightings and determines that they are alien spaceships and all governments and news agencies are complicit in an international cover-up. This belief system may, occasionally, find support for such other beliefs as a belief in a secret ruling Illuminati (here, in league with extra-terrestrials), or with other supernatural ideas (i.e. ghosts).

Alien Demonologists take the view that aliens are, in fact, the demons from the Judeo-Christian mythology. This belief system reads all alien encounters as demonic encounters and foresees a major cultural shift in the near future when aliens will appear to everyone as part of the “Great Deception” (a reference to Bible verse 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11). This group still sits in opposition to mass media as deceptive to the people, but also takes a neo-conservative stance on world news, the cultural shift toward social liberalism and secularism, and world leaders as either agents of the Antichrist or (in the case of Barack Obama) the Antichrist himself (note, Obama is one of many historical figures popularly accused of being the Antichrist, he’s just the current one). Not only do people with this belief interpret news media through their own oppositional framework but they interpret the Alien Millenarians’ worldview through this framework as well (here’s an example of this concept). To these folks, the Illuminati is very real, very active, and run by satanists (which they theorize is almost every famous person alive, including actors like Jim Carrey and ministers like Joel Olsteen).

These are not specific groups, or “cults” per se. They are, in fact, fringe beliefs that are growing in relevance internationally (Alien Millenarians can be found in several countries, So far, most Alien Demonologists are in the U.S.). What they tell about their own beliefs is, I think, almost insignificant in comparison to what they can tell us about how most people experience media. Both ideological belief systems distrust media, believing that they are hiding “the truth” from the masses. Some within the Demonology set go as far as to say that graphics in news and sports shows are used to lull unsuspecting viewers into submission through mnemonics and sigil magic (here’s one example of what some people think may hypnotize you). The larger population, within the U.S. anyway, does believe in the possibility of effective subliminal persuasion (which is simply not accurate). Still more people distrust the government, distrust individuals and believe that the majority of people are malicious and would take advantage of others were they given the chance. Based on these views of the world around them, how else could people take news reports of violence in every news show as anything but confirmation that our world is going down (going to Hell, perhaps). Beliefs such as these are examples of logical fallacies, biases that say that the world is currently worse than ever before, and to find proof you need only look at the news.

Addendum 1 (added on or before March 1, 2015):

Alternative media has become an important link in the chain of confirmation of fringe beliefs. Websites that call themselves news sites abound. An article is posted on an alternative news website, it is read and shared on social media, it then becomes legitimized. The creation and reinforcement of conspiracy theories and fringe ideologies, thus, becomes linked to online personae. If someone has rejected mainstream media in lieu of alternative news sources and activated their identity into their belief then it becomes a de facto reality to them. The idea of the Illuminati, for instance, is almost universally held among fringe believers, whether the nature of this theoretical Illuminati be mortal, alien, or demonically controlled depends on the ideology.

Addendum 2 (added on or before March 1, 2015):

There is significant overlap in social media between “Alien Genesists” (people who believe in the alien seeding of humanity) and Alien Millenarians (who are more interested in being taken from the earth). A new development, as far as I have seen is that “Great Deceptionists” (those who are Christian and believe the beings people claim to have had close encounters with are really demons) are beginning to include an Alien Genesist node to the links they post on forums, suggesting a further fringe group of Christian Alien Genesists who may retain belief in the Bible but identify God as extra-terrestrial or interpret Heaven in more intergalactic forms. This is speculation, of course, as those who focus in on the “Great Deception” concept see aliens as demonic and would require a new cosmology.

Addendum 3 (added on or before March 1, 2015):

Continuing where Addenda 1 and 2 left off, alternative media sources and the social networking are the fora in which fringe beliefs are modified and become new belief systems nowadays. Stronger than any pastor at any church podium, the process of creating new cosmologies, eschatologies, and conspiracy theories through social interaction online and through creating content on alternative news sites has decentralized religion and (in the case of Christianity) the Bible itself. Those who call themselves Christians now merely use the Bible to legitimize their belief by cherry-picking Bible verses that tend to reinforce their preferred narrative. Ultimately, there is no cult save a “cult of one” and no universal creed, rather many relatively like-minded individuals who generally agree upon certain general ideas but not on specifics.

Addendum 4 (added on or before March 2, 2015): YouTube and cheap video editing software have led to hundreds of videos being seen by millions of people worldwide. This has worked to legitimize the beliefs past the realm of basement musings and crackpot taboo. As fringe media consumers become fringe media content producers, there is a great potential for the dominant narratives or our era to shift back to “witches, demons, and the supernatural.

Here are a few more examples:

The God Masquerade


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