Nemesis, Nibiru and Celestial Conflation


If you are a fan of potential apocalyptic scenarios, as I am, you probably have a few favorites. My favorites range from the amazing and improbable, the “grey goo,” to the ones that may already be happening today, such as the clathrate gun hypothesis. To a growing number of people throughout the world, one such apocalyptic scenario is garnering significant discussion, and confusion. It involves a second star in our solar system, a planet called Nibiru, a major international government cover-up, and a global catastrophe within the next three years. Fans of hypothetical apocalypses, hold on to your tin-foil hats! 😉

The story can easily start with one of two viewpoints; a scientific hypothesis or an alien communication. The scientific hypothesis, called the Nemesis hypothesis, postulates that a red or brown dwarf star exists as part of our solar system and revolves around the sun at a rate of 26 million years. Although not ruled out entirely, an exhaustive search of the cosmos has yet to locate such a red or brown dwarf within our solar system. The reason Nemesis was hypothesized in the first place, to potentially explain a pattern of mass extinctions on earth, may have lead to some of the conspiracy suspicions regarding what some believe to be a cover-up of the real nefarious celestial threat.

Planet X. Nibiru. The names come from different sources, 1840s astronomers and ancient Babylonians respectively, but the two have become one. Fused by ancient astronaut theorists, both the translation of Sumerian tablets by Zecharia Sitchen and purported alien transmissions received by Nancy Leider have become a collection of loosely associated fears/hopes for a coming catastrophe/new-age-of-enlightenment. The list of anticipated effects of Nibiru are compounded by the belief that the planet is the home to the oft discussed alien race, the Annunaki, suspected of being shape-shifters, reptiles, and the true masters of the human race (a subject I cover here).

Remember the 26 million year timeline for the hypothetical star, Nemesis? Forget about it. Nibiru runs on Nibiru Time, not Nemesis Time. Even though Nemesis and Nibiru are linked in many of the now widely varying iterations of such theories, the timeline has changed from the scientific hypothetical timeline a 3600 year cycle that vaguely places itself within reach of the great flood myths of the world (google “Nibiru and Noah” for more on that). Nibiru, some claim, maintains an elliptical orbit looping between the Sun and our hypothetical Nemesis. Still, other theories disregard Nemesis altogether. Nibiru, with or without an associated second star to guide it, is now expected by believers to reenter the heart of our solar system from anywhere between December of 2015 and the year 2023. Thousands of people worldwide are taking to telescopes already and claiming to have glimpsed Planet X (which is often suspiciously close to the sun) and posting videos publicly on YouTube and privately on closed social media discussion groups. Several still images of the Sun with a small bright dot nearby are posted, proof that Nibiru is real and, once again, the truth is being hidden from us.

Nibiru has been a topic of discussion and expectation for decades. So much so, it has to be true. There is an international echochamber, where misunderstood science and mistranslation is rebroadcast and taken as inerrant fact (for instance). If Russian tabloid shows report on Nibiru, then it’s obvious that the U.S. Government is covering it all up.

The reasons for so many of the conspiracy theories that I have seen are apparent in the Nibiru topic as well. Distrust of authority coupled with confirmation bias and the general sense of discomfort with an increasingly modern society has played havoc on the human psyche over the past 100 years. The constant change in the social order has made a feeling of normlessness the norm. Once taken for granted, which wasn’t exactly the greatest thing either, institutions and individuals in positions of official authority are almost immediately distrusted by a growing number of people. The reasons for this trend are numerous, but one reason that cannot be argued effectively to those who are “awake” is that conspiracies do happen and large institutions of official authority were involved. Although people may argue that covert FBI programs have long been uncovered and that the J. Edgar Hoover era is over, that does not mean a new wave of trust for the Government has washed over the masses (or that it ever will) and distrust in the powers that be, or the powers that are assumed to be lurking in the shadows will only escalate over time. I know that I, personally, was ready to blame the Government (or, perhaps, some secret cabal) for anything and everything bad that ever happened for a very long time. My personal belief system aside, a series of shocking assertions do not make a thing true. I think if I had just a little less faith in math and science I, too, may anticipate the spectacle of a Nibiru perihelion.

Disregard the dates.

The following is an incomplete list of the expected outcomes for a near-Earth pass from Planet X/Nibiru:

Shifting of the Magnetic Poles

Global Flooding akin to the Great Flood of the Bible

Complete loss of planetary orbit

More Earthquakes

Asteroids expected to hit Earth’s surface

Increased Alien encounters.

One of the most interesting parts of this belief, like many such beliefs, is how people with telescopes, knowledge of meteorology, astronomy, or calculus have found this belief system untenable and said so and were instantly labelled shills of a global conspiracy to hide the truth. A quick visit to any of the Nancy Leider pages will yield an amazing litany of hate and vitriol, both for people who attempt to debunk, but also for former-doubters who are Johnny-come-lately to the Nibiru fan club.

To quote Leider’s Rules and Premise page on


The premise is that Planet X will cause a pole shift in the near future which is an event that can be survived when you prepare for it.

RulesBecause of the threat of disruptors and debunkers, and to keep this a space safe for all good-hearted people, the following rules need to be observed:

  1. No debunking and disruption. Debunking and disruption will lead to a ban. If you do intend to embrace any main establishment lies you will be suspended without any explanation. REASON paid debunking teams can completely disrupt discussion, as has occurred elsewhere.
  2. No debating the reality of Planet X and the validity of ZetaTalk. REASON paid debunking and desire to ‘say it ain’t so’ make valid discussion impossible, else.

On her “Main Establishment Lies” page (which I hope to be on as soon as I post this blog!!! 😉 ) Leider/ZetaTalk lists a number of supporters of Nibiru believers as; fake, phoney, shill, “arm of the cover-up, serving the Establishment,” spreading nonsense, and motivated by profit. It is for this reason that you may see about 30 different Planet X/Nibiru theories, with various timelines and various explanations for the lack of evidence for the planetary prodigal.

It should be noted that Leider’s Nibiru predictions, received via aliens from the zeta reticuli system, are not apocalyptic per se. lists several “Safe Zones” to head to when the poles shift. Leider, noting the discouragement and even fatalism that believers in Planet X/Nibiru were expressing, made a special message of “Hope” for the future. One thing Leider didn’t do which has been the demise of many a extra-ordinary prediction was to put a definitive date on her predictions. With any luck, belief in an ever-imminent Nibiru-enduced pole shift will continue on long after the ice caps melt, methane levels make the air unfit to breath, nano-technology engulfs us all in the grey goo, and the last remaining among the faithful are raptured for their troubles.

Addendum 1 (added April 16, 2015):

The subject of celestial bodies being superimposed in apocalyptic scenarios is much too large to cover in one blog post. For this reason I will be amending this post regularly through my usual addenda. This first addition to this story involves HAARP (which will have to be a whole other blog post), and the anticipation of a fake asteroid impact meant to deceive the masses into some afeared future slavery (a theme that will be all-too-familiar for conspiracy theory skeptics). The expectation of an false asteroid event is referred to as Elenin. Yes, that is the comet from the movie Deep Impact, if you have heard of the term “predictive programming” (which I will cover on another post) this is one such case.

Addendum 2 (added April 16, 2015)

The current expectation dates of the Nibiru-related cataclysms are July 3, September 23-24, and December 15, 2015. The July 3 date has a snazzy online countdown ticker associated with it here. September 24th will likely be a time of intense expectation, and perhaps even some very drastic reactions surrounding this time, since it September 24th, 2015 coincides with the last solar eclipse of the Four Blood Moons rapture theory of Rev. John Hagee.

Addendum 3 (added June 14, 2016)

The Conspiracy Theory communities on social media are in direct competition with one another. People who vehemently believe in Nibiru and the associated extraterrestrial Illuminati are losing ground to the explosion of adoption of the new Flat Earth theory; which is being re-absorbed into Christian biblical literalism cosmology.

Nibiru believers continue to maintain faith, bolstered by scientists’ discussion of potential planets yet to be confirmed in our Solar System; including the hypothetical Planet 9. Though there is a growing body of evidence for a large planet with orbit seemingly similar to the presumed orbit of Nibiru, Planet 9’s orbit is not expected to pass the post-Neptunian threshold. Planet 9 will not disrupt the Earth’s poles, nor will it collide with any planets in the solar system.

Essentially, Planet 9 (should it exist at all) is not Planet X


6 thoughts on “Nemesis, Nibiru and Celestial Conflation

  1. As suspected, most of us are still here. Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to reading more of your posts when time permits.

    “To be a witch or Magus, you’ve got to learn three things – what’s real, what’s not real, and what’s the difference.”

    -Chaos Marxism Aphorism #8

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