Meet the Man Spreading the SC Shooting Hoax Conspiracy Theories.

It is a near certainty that when a tragic event occurs, some react with outrage, some with fear, and some a certain amount of denial. In the case of someone who is prone to conspiracist views, all of these feelings can lead to the formation of a conspiracy theory that coincides with, or integrates into, other personally held conspiracy theories. Such is the case with the South Carolina Church Shooting and at least one very active conspiracist.


YouTube user RedSilverJ is a right wing conspiracy theorist who believes the Illuminati is real, Sandy Hook was not, and (as this is a major concern) Shaq was never a 9/11 Truther (because he’s apparently a Freemason). RedSilverJ (YouTube handle, allegedly belonging to a Fort Lauderdale pharmacy technician/Christian rapper) is also the leading promoter of a conspiracy theory that claims the South Carolina Church Massacre is a hoax “aimed at all those in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.” His first video on the subject was posted less than a day after the massacre. RedSilverJ referred to the shooter, Dylann Roof, as an “Adam Lanza looking Joker” (a reference to the belief that the Sandy Hook Massacre was also a hoax). RedSilverJ claims that the aim of the supposed hoax is to elicit a violent reaction from African American protesters, thus rendering their cause illegitimate.

This man right here, Clementa Pinckney, this man was all for the agenda. So it’s no problem for him to play along with the agenda. He was over there, protesting for the fake Walter Scott shooting, also calling for body cameras just like Hillary Clinton. So he doesn’t mind taking ‘one for the team.’

Since his first post on the subject, RedSilverJ has posted nine additional (within the seven days after the shooting) YouTube videos attempting to show that Dylann Roof is a fake shooter, that ‘crisis actors‘ posing as the victims’ family members were acting and that the entire hoax is part of an agenda to limit free speech, regulate the internet, and push gun control.

RedSilverJ, who has over 20,000 followers, also opines on contemporary social topics including the #carefreeblackboy movement as a means of controlling masculinity (and, thus, population control) and how Suge Knight may be marked for death by the Illuminati.

As very public tragedies are a part of everyday life in a connected modern society, everyone finds ways to cope with these tragic events. The effects will vary from person to person and from event to event, based on our individual circumstances and how we tend to cope with the world around us. Some may find that the massacre at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church has led them to protest, some to increased concern as to the fate of our human condition on a very fundamental level, and some may simply see it as a tragedy but want no further discussion to occur on the causes. The media plays a part, both as the provider of the news and as the, at times dogged, mouthpiece of opinion, analysis, and promoter of various coping strategies. Conspiracist ideation takes a different tack; the conspiracist may deny the event existed or, as is much more common in contemporary American culture, minimize the event and blame political machinations for the “overblown” or “biased” reporting of an event. As a recovering conspiract myself, I can attest to the years I have held to beliefs that relied on secretive cabals and amazing cover-ups to explain things that I simply did not want to be. I have since realized that, if the events of the world don’t suit my opinion of what it should be then that does not mean that there is a global conspiracy of a powerful Illuminati seeking to control us from their ivory towers or some underground lair. It is true that conspiracies have existed, and some are likely going on this very day that, but the difference between believing that individuals and corporations collude to manipulate economic conditions and that elites orchestrate mass-shootings, employing ‘crisis actors’ and alleging the psuedocide of a U.S. senator (and offering no legitimate proof) is evidence of some of extreme delusion at best, or wishful thinking at worst.

Thank you, Peter, for providing additional information about RedSilverJ (in comment below).

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