Jade Helm 15 Began Today and Nothing Happened.

The biggest news story on the alternative news media thus far has been the “massive” service outages for internet and cellphone providers. Some service issue maps are totaling in the thousands (which is standard for most cable, internet and cellphone services).

The real news is coming from Facebook, as hundreds of Jade Helm 15 ‘Preppers’ and ‘Watchdogs’ report their various “all good” messages throughout the south.

FB Jade Helm 0FB Jade Helm 1FB Jade Helm 2Just like the ‘prophecy from planet Clarion’ that a flood would wipe out much of America and whose believers became the subject of the book When Prophecy Fails, the Jade Helm 15 conspiracists are just now seeing the disconfirmation of their worst fears unfold. Much like the 1954 prophecy, the believers’ certainty of a future cataclysm was met with the realization that there was no flood to come; well, there is no Jade Helm 15 Martial Law bogeyman and no Emperor Obama at the helm. The fear of a generally pro-Military South that that very same U.S. Military would round up the patriots in F.E.M.A. camps has been reused and regurgitated since Behold a Pale Horse was first published in 1990 (and even before) but has never come to light, no matter who was in office. As it was with the UFO cult, the reaction from Jade Helm preppers will likely be a re-commitment to the faith and an assertion that the very act of doggedly watching the U.S. Military actually prevented the enacting of an unjust martial law rather than admitting that their fears were unfounded and accepting that they were unable to separate ideology and reality when discerning whether a military exercise was an actual threat.

As the day progressed, of course, the same fearful rhetoric resurfaced. Preppers reminded one another that this was a long military ‘drill’ (their quotes) and frequent re-posting of the supposed power outages kept Facebook’s Jade Helm 15 Watchdogs alight with concern.  YouTube videos showing military personnel running drills and insinuating that what they were recording was somehow ‘something more’ were frequent for weeks and followed the same pattern of ‘concerned citizens’ filming transport trains transporting bulk military hardware. The fear is real (I think) but the threat is nothing more than the realization that Americans live in a country with a hyperactive Military Industrial Complex. Suddenly, this is a major concern to many who, once, thought nothing wrong with the concept of arming and equipping the U.S. Military with anything and everything it needs. Now that the need includes extensive training on a friendly practice area, it seems the very friends of the Military aren’t entirely comfortable with their heavily armed neighbors playing war games.

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