Anti-Government Violence and Sovereign Citizens

The following is a list of anti-government violence in the U.S. and Canada (pdf)

Date    STATE  Name(s)  Affiliation(s)  Legal Outcome/Attacker Disposition

06/18/15 WA James Faire & Angeline Nobilis Militia/Sovereign Resisting eviction 1 civilian 1 civilian. Awaiting trial

06/08/15 Canada Norman Raddatz Sovereign/Freeman Resisting arrest shooting 1 officer 1 officer. Killed in fire

04/28/15 OH Richard Parker Survivalist/Anti-gov Resisting arrest shooting. Died in shootout

04/24/15 TN Robert Doggart Militia Plot to burn town in NY / kill Muslims. Plead guilty

03/25/15 MT William Wolf Sovereign Plot to kidnap judges, kill police. Awaiting trial

03/20/15 GA Michael Sibley Anti-gov Planted bomb to frame Muslims. Awaiting trial

02/08/15 FL Joseph Paffen Sovereign Ambush police. Killed in shootout

12/30/14 AL Robert Lawrence Sovereign Confrontation with police. Killed in confrontation

11/28/14 TX Larry McQuilliams Anti-gov/Racist Attack on court and police HQ. Killed in shootout

09/12/14 PA Eric Frein Anti-gov/Survivalist Ambush police 1 officer 1 officer. Awaiting trial

08/12/14 TX Douglas Leguin Sovereign Ambush police and firemen. Awaiting trial

07/11/14 UT John Huggins Anti-gov Ambush police/bomb station plot. Sentenced to 37 months

07/10/14 OH Tyshawn Hancock Black Sovereign Resisting arrest shooting 1 officer. Killed in shootout

06/30/14 IN Samuel Bradbury Anti-gov/Anarchist Ambush police/bomb court plot. Awaiting trial

06/10/14 OR Earl Harris Sovereign Resisting eviction. Killed during confrontation

06/14/14 CA Brent Cole Sovereign Resisting arrest shooting 2 officers. Awaiting sentencing

06/08/14 NV Jerad & Amanda Miller Sovereign Ambush shooting 2 officers + 1 civilian. Killed in shootout

06/06/14 GA Dennis Marx Sovereign Assault on courthouse 1 officer. Killed in shootout

06/05/14 FL Martin Winters/River Otter Preppers Sovereign/Survivalist Ambush police plot. Sentences range from 1-3 yrs

06/04/14 GA Robert Beecher Militia Plot to kidnap DHS agent. Sentenced to 10 years

06/04/14 Canada Justin Bourque * Anti-gov Canadian Ambush shooting 3 officers 2 officers. Plead guilty

06/01/14 FL Dustin Heathman Sovereign Shooutout with police. Awaiting trial

05/01/14 AK Nathanial Kangas Sovereign Resisting arrest shooting 2 officers. Awaiting trial

03/28/14 TX Robert James Talbot Jr. Anti-gov/Militia Rob banks/kill officers plot. Pled guilty, awaiting sentencing

03/25/14 OH Israel Rondon Sovereign Resisting eviction shootout Killed in shootout

01/15/14 OH Mark Kulis Sovereign Set up bombs to kill officers Found incompetent

12/19/13 SC Yahchanan Reames Black Sovereign Traffic stop shooting 2 officers Awaiting trial

11/01/13 CA Paul Ciancia Anti-gov “patriot” Assault on airport security 1 officer 2 officers + 1 civilian Awaiting trial

08/21/13 NV David Brutsche & Devon Newman Sovereign Kidnap/torture/kill police plot Pled guilty, probation

07/21/13 CA David McCormick Sovereign Assaulted a Coast Guard officer Deported to New Zealand

07/01/13 ? Unknown (DHS Report) Sovereign Plot to kill federal agent and witness Unknown

06/29/13 TN Eric Stanberry Jr Sovereign Impersonating LEO, pulled gun on officer Sentenced to 90 days

06/13/13 CO Lewis Pollard Sovereign Shootout with police Killed in shootout

05/03/13 MN Buford Rogers Militia Blow up police station plot Sentenced to 3 yrs

03/11/13 FL Jeffrey Wright Sovereign Standoff shooting Killed in shootout

09/27/12 TX Phillip Monroe Ballard Sovereign Plot to kill judge Sentenced to 20 yrs

09/04/12 CA Christopher Lacy Sovereign Traffic stop shooting 1 officer Killed in shootout

08/16/12 LA Terry, Brian & Derrick Smith, Kyle Joekel Sovereign Ambush shooting 2 officers 2 officers Awaiting trial

06/17/12 TX Anson Chi Sovereign Plot to blow up natural gas line Sentenced to 22 yrs

02/28/12 CA Vahe Ohanian Sovereign Threatened to kill officers Unknown

02/07/12 Canada Sawyer Robison * Sovereign Canadian Standoff shooting 2 officers Awaiting trial

12/18/11 PA Eli Franklin Myers III Anti-gov Traffic stop shooting 1 officer 1 officer Died in standoff

12/05/11 GA FEAR Militia (four active duty soldiers) Militia Overthrow government plot 1 soldier + 1 civilian Serving life sentences

11/01/11 GA The Georgia Four Militia Target officials/public with bombs plot Sentences range from 5-10 yrs

07/21/11 TX James Tesi Sovereign Traffic stop shooting Sentenced to 35 yrs

06/23/11 SD Rodney Brossart Sovereign Armed standoff Sentenced to 6 months Anti-Government Extremist Violence Date State Accused extremist(s) Movement subset(s) Event Victims Killed Victims Injured Status of extremist

06/19/11 AZ William Foust Sovereign Resisting arrest shooting Killed in shootout

06/12/11 MT David Burgert Militia Ambush Fugitive

05/31/11 CO Matthew O’Neill Sovereign White powder envelope Sentenced to time served

03/17/11 AK Schaeffer Cox / Alaska Peacemakers Sovereign/Militia Kidnap/kill police/feds plot Sentenced range from 5-25 yrs

01/25/11 WA David Myrland Sovereign/Tax ProtesterPlot to use deadly force against officials Sentenced to 3 yrs 11/10/10 ID Curtis Scriver Sovereign Resisting arrest shooting Killed in shootout

09/17/10 TX Victor White Sovereign Standoff shooting 3 officers + 1 civilian Life in prison

08/30/10 WA Wayde Kurt Anti-gov/Racist Terrorist attack to kill Obama plot Sentenced to 13 yrs

07/21/10 PA Raymond Peake Militia Steal weapons/overthrow government 1 civilian Life in prison

07/17/10 CA Byron Williams Sovereign Traffic stop shooting Sentenced to 401 yrs

05/20/10 AR Jerry & Joe Kane Sovereign Traffic stop shooting 2 officers 2 officers Killed in shootout

04/30/10 TN Darren Huff Sovereign/Oathkeeper Target courthouse/police plot Sentenced to 4 yrs

04/15/10 OH Matthew Fairfield Oath Keeper Napalm bomb + explosives plot Sentenced to 16 yrs

04/01/10 TN Walter Fitzgerald Sovereign/Oathkeeper Attempted to arrest officials Sentenced to 3 yrs

03/28/10 MI Hutaree Militia Anti-gov/Militia Target officers/bomb LEO funeral plot Sedition charges dropped

03/25/10 FL Brody Whitaker Sovereign Traffic stop shooting Life in prison

02/18/10 TX Andrew Stack Tax Protester Flew plane into IRS building 1 fed employee 13 fed employees Died in attack

06/10/09 DC James von Brunn Anti-gov/Racist Targeted Holocaust Museum 1 civilian Died awaiting trial

05/31/09 KS Scott Roeder Sovereign Targeted a doctor 1 civilian Life in prison

05/30/09 AZ Shawna Ford, Jason Bush, Albert Gaxiola Militia/racist Targeted a Latino family 2 civilian 1 civilian 2 sentenced to death, 1 life in prison

04/25/09 FL Joshua Cartwright Anti-gov/Militia Resisting arrest shooting 2 officers Killed in shootout

04/04/09 PA Richard Poplawski Anti-Gov/Racist Ambush shooting 3 officers 1 officer On death row

12/12/08 OR Bruce & Joshua Turnidge Sovereign Bombs left at bank 2 officers 1 officer On death row

10/04/07 NH Ed & Elaine Brown + 4 supporters Sovereign Standoff/bomb/shoot LEOs plot Sentences range from 3-35 Yrs

06/22/04 ID David Hinkson Sovereign Plot to kill judges/IRS agent/AUSA Sentenced to 43 years

05/24/04 OK Wade Lay & Christopher Law Sovereign Bank robbery 1 civilian 1 on death row, 1 serving life

12/08/03 SC Arthur, Rita & Steven Bixby Sovereign Standoff shooting 2 officers Deceased & death row

04/10/03 TX William J. Krar Anti-gov/Tax Protester Chemical weapons + explosives plot Sentenced to 11 yrs * Canadian Freeman cases have been included when US super-patriot ideology is clearly involved

Source: JJ MacNab


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