Notice: What’s Happening with Jade Helm 15?

I noticed a few people searching the internet to find out what is going on with Jade Helm 15. It being September 11th, a large number of 9/11-truthers are vocal and active online, meaning that these populations (which obviously overlap) are in contact and discussing both conspiracy theories in the same key-strokes. So, lets take a moment to remember the fallen of September 11th, 2001.

Now, to the primary topic today:

What’s happening with Jade Helm 15?



Jade Helm 15 is a military drill that scared a bunch of people who fear the federal government will use a false flag operation to declare martial law. The fear that the U.S. Military training drills have incited has only really shown that a large number of American citizens can forget that they trust their military due to the fact that they distrust their government.

Sadly, some things did happen indirectly as a result of Jade Helm 15. Camp Shelby, Mississippi saw soldiers being shot at by a man who was driven by fear regarding Jade Helm. Three men were arrested in North Carolina with a significant cache of weapons as they prepared to stop Jade Helm 15’s supposed martial law. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that state military reservists would be deployed to ‘observe’ all Jade Helm 15 operations in Texas. In the end, all the activity that Jade Helm 15 produced was a massive show of military maneuvers in an area previously considered friendly; turned hostile by a non-existent, yet perceived, threat.

When the next major event to strike fear into massive numbers of people comes up, perhaps it would be wise to consider Jade Helm 15 and how it didn’t end with martial law, an American dictator, or American citizens spirited away into concentration camps. Also, consider that the fact that none of these things happened did nothing to convince believers in such plots, it simply strengthened their distrust and fear.


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