The Challenger Explosion Hoax

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 challenger flat earth

Since the title lays out the conspiracy theory in fairly obvious fashion, it seems pointless to say the following, but the same sub-section of the population that believe that every mass shooting is a ‘false flag’ operation also believe that the 1986 NASA Challenger Explosion was a complete fabrication and, as their only ‘evidence’ they have somehow (through the hive mind of the Internet) tracked down the ‘survivors.’

Some of the saddest parts of the modern Information Age come when people believe that they have gotten wiser for all the information that they receive. In reality, their previously conceived notions are reinforced by information (true or otherwise) that fits their ideology and ignore or claim false all competing information. Such is the case with the anti-Government Three Percenter Movement and correlative Sovereign Citizen’s Movement; both of which tend to create a conspiracy theory to promote their worldview. Alongside these two essentially secular movements is the various Apocalyptic Christians who may oftentimes be members of the aforementioned III%ers and consider themselves ‘Sovereigns.’ These various ideologies are not contradictory to one another but, instead, are contradictory to the majority of Christian and American ideological viewpoints in modern society. They also tend toward flights of conspiracy fantasy to explain why Science, History, and Law all disagree with them.

So it is with the events of January 28th, 1986 (thirty years ago this week), when a NASA mission exploded in mid-air killing all on board, a National Tragedy to the majority of Americans and a huge black-eye for NASA and American military might in the face of Cold War tensions was, to some ideologues a few decades later, suspect.


Conversation started in online forums where individuals made the connection between deceased Challenger victim Judy Resnik and one of the three living Judith Resniks in America, one Yale Law professor by the exact same name. That is how they produce their ‘findings’ anyway. Forum members go on to exclaim “Good Grief! Same face,  same age, and same age! Why would she not bother to change her name?” This question, which makes obvious that this is a case of mistaken identity, seems to be simply flagrant and unabashed conspiracy to the conspiracy believer.

Subsequent conspiracy theory stories have picked up on this thread and ‘found’ several of the remaining astronauts, presumed to be alive and well. Sadly, people believe this and often harass the individuals who they believe to be members of an elaborate rouse (Sharon Mc Auliffe’s phone number was posted in at least one instance). The Following images were taken from A Plane Truth, a Christian Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory website.

SHARON (“CHRISTA”) MC AULIFFE: Presumed to be Sharon Mc Auliffe (Syracuse University, Law Professor) today.


MICHAEL J. SMITH: Presumed to be Michael J. Smith (University of Wisconsin University) today.


RICHARD “DICK” SCOBEE: Presumed to be Richard Scobee (Cows in Trees ltd.) today

RONALD MC NAIR: Presumed to be Carl Mc Nair today

ELLISON ONIZUKA: Presumed to be Claude Onizuka (Ellision’s Brother) today

Facial similarities can be understood as seeming significant through the power of suggestion, but whether or not you focus on the differences in the face (or the obvious jump that need be made to think of this story as plausible) requires a very illogical set of beliefs or a very deep ideological need to believe. With Billions of people on the Earth, it would seem we can all find our own personal look-alikes given time, and the willingness to believe.

For instance . . .


Here is Tom Cruise from the year 2033 (come back in time to warn the current Tom Cruise not to make MI:8 onward).


Okay, but seriously, the people that believe that The Challenger Explosion was a staged event do so using illogical logic and for ideological purposes.

The following is quoted directly from A Plane Truth’s Challenger Explosion story section ‘By the Numerology:’

Space Shuttle Challenger (NASA Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-099) was NASA’s second Space Shuttle orbiter to be put into service, Columbia having been the first…. Its maiden flight was on April 4, 1983 [=11], and it completed nine missions before breaking apart 73 seconds after the launch of its tenth mission, STS-51-L [51+L=3=9] on January 28, 1986 [1+28=11], resulting in the death of all seven crew members.
The “Challenger Disaster”:
The spacecraft disintegrated over [*9 miles above] the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of central Florida at 11:38 am [11 + 11=22] EST (16:38 UTC) [7+11]. On March 8 [3+8=11], 1986, a search team found the crew cabin; it had not been destroyed in the explosion. The bodies of all seven crew members were found, still strapped into their seats….
Autopsies were done but exact cause of death was inconclusive.
* 48,000 feet = 9.09090909 miles
After a 32-month hiatus, the next shuttle mission, STS-26 [7th flight of the Discovery], was launched on September 29 [9+11], 1988
The use of numerology to prove Satan’s involvement comes up quite often in Apocalyptic Christian extremism, which views Satan as a real supernatural entity with real social, political and governmental power in Earth at this time. The fact that A Plane Truth is a Flat Earth website does not mean that they try to use Math or Physics or evidence, but rather, faith itself to prove that their beliefs are true. Faith in an inerrant Bible, that there is nothing true under the Sun (or the Dome and Firmament) and faith that everything that disagrees with their ideology is from the Devil himself.

nasa-un-flat-earth-bsThis image was also part of the Challenger explosion article, as if to prove the reality of a flat Earth.


The Following are links to Alternative sites that also produced articles proclaiming the Challenger Explosion a Hoax:

Fellowship of the Mind (Apocalyptic Christian)

Veterans Today (Alternative News Website devoted, in part, to conspiracy theories involving Big Government, Israel, and Russia).

Fakeologist (Personal website devoted to belief in fake footage, hoaxes, ‘Psyops’ that are purported to be passed off as real events).


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