Future End Times Predictions

gallery-1442925843-gettyimages-114156142Pastor Harold Camping’s multi-million dollar campaign to warn the world of impending Judgement on May 21, 2011.

The last two thousand years have seen no less than 250 major end times predictions from major religious leaders (thousands more if you count the rush of apocalypticism from various political and social movements, and from cult leaders in the past few decades). A lot of ink spilled, books sold and fear mongered. The year 2000 alone had at least 80 different doomsday prophets proclaiming a specific end time scenario, all of which never occurred. Still, hundreds more were to follow. The most recent spate of doom-sayers focused on the month of September 2015, certain that their knowledge of the Bible, the Moon, a belief in an Illuminati plot, or the belief in a secret planet may vindicate their proclamations.

Well, none of those predictions came true. Now it should stand to reason that some predictions, those based in scientific fact should get credence, but those are the ones that either lay millennia in the future, or come with the pesky call-to-action of cleaning up our act with regard to nuclear arms, fossil fuels, or various other forms of consumption. Still, it is worth noting that the thousands of previous failed Apocalypses seem to take the bite out of each successive pronouncement of imminent peril.

Whether it’s wise and prudent to do so or not, I cannot help but look toward the future for the next time that we may anticipate another cluster of apocalyptic prophecies. Who knows, it may help that such a discussion be held so that unnecessary fear mongering won’t come without valid counterarguments.


 harold-camping-false-prophet-sets-new-date-october-21-2011After the May, 2011 prediction failed, Harold Camping changed his prediction to October, 21, 2011. No, really, this happened.

Upcoming ‘End Dates’


January 1, 2017

Members of The Sword of God Brotherhood claim that ‘Prophet Gabriel’ told them that the ‘dying time’ will come on this date and only members of the cult will survive, while everyone else perishes in ‘Hellfire.’ The story was part of the big 2012 aftermath, when there was no Apocalypse at that time, some news outlets included this future prediction as part of the story.


September 28, 2020

According to George Madray, author of THE END, claims the Apocalypse to occur on Yom Kippur of the year 2020. This is an odd book linking biblical texts with standard interpretation of prophecy, using spurious numerology and selective reading, to announce that; the Anti-Christ was born in Iraq, the European Union or United Nations will fall (a prediction often made by Christian Apocalyptics, often making the two synonymous) and a new World Trade Center will be built in Babylon (Iraq) before the end.


November 13, 2026

Scientist Heinz Von Foerster created a ‘Doomsday Equation’ that considered population growth and concluded that on this date the population would be ‘infinite.’ The idea that population was to grow exponentially was, at the time, seemingly a likely scenario. Since then, however, population growth has slowed. There is no doubt that the Earth’s human population should be, at and beyond this date, significantly less than infinity.


August 1, 2027 to December 31, 2033

This is my first actual prediction. I am not predicting the End of the World but, rather, a spate of regular predictions that the Second Coming of Christ will occur. The earliest dates for the birth of Jesus put it at August 1, 4 BCE, thus making 8/1/2027 his presumed 33rd birthday and a likely spot for doomsday predictions to occur. From then on, predictions regarding Jesus Christ’s anticipated physical return to Earth will be as regular as they were during the period between 1998 and December of 2000.


2280 CE

Through a specific interpretation of numeric decoding (Gematria) of the Quran, leads at least one Muslim interpreter to conclude that this would be the year of the Apocalypse.


and of course …


4,500,000,000 CE

Such a long wait, but patience is a virtue. The Earth should be completely obliterated when the Sun expands to a Red Giant, expanding past the planet’s current orbit approximately 4.5 Billion years from now. Although this may seem scary, and even sad to some children when they first hear that this is the only guaranteed and literal End of the World, it seems it should put all the other predictions into perspective.


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