“I’m Ready to Go. I’m Ready to Die.”

This is purported to be the last moments of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Stand-off.


If this is real, it is what everyone expected. The last profane gasps of disturbed paranoid occupiers of Federal land. FBI agents surrounding the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. The remaining occupiers scream insults and profanity at the FBI agents who are trying to get the few remaining hold-outs to exit the building, a tiny structure in the Oregon wilderness.

What the occupiers think, however, is completely different. If you want to know how this played out, you have to first consider that each of these ‘freedom fighters’ have been subconsciously creating an image of the FBI, the Federal Government and, often, the ‘Liberal Democ(rats)’ as Nazis waiting to remove the weapons of the last remaining resistance so that they may finally claim complete totalitarian rule. They have made bogeymen of all things Federal, having deeply distrusted the government (for perhaps their entire lives) due to an ideology that is based on their Politics, Religion, and their interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

What results is the sad back-and-forth that you can hear right in the beginning of the above broadcast, posted on YouTube on February 10th, 2016 by Gavin Seim, a vlogger and ideological analog. Gavin Seim: Liberty Speaker is his YouTube page and, certainly, he may want to be the “voice of reason” for his compatriots, but he broadcast his live feed to the world, either to “tell their story in their own words” or, perhaps, just to promote his own page. In any event, the events that unfolded give a clear description of what the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation and, to some degree, what the American Militia Movement is all about.


Female Occupier

We fear for our lives! We fear for our lives! We fear for our lives! We fear for our lives!


FBI Agent

You want to do the right thing, right?


Male Occupier

Well the right thing is to kill us? You’re a sick individual!


Female Occupier

For a paycheck! What a job you gotta do.




Male Occupier

You should be proud of us, for standing up for your rights!


 FBI Agent

Sean, be reasonable.


Male Occupier

I am reasonable!


Female Occupier

(inaudible) … you want to go home because your girl wants you to go home so bad! You want to go home with blood on your hands?




FBI Agent

Some of us agree with you. Some of us agree with your message. Come forward.


Male Occupier

No! Leave! The Constitution says you fight! All Enemies! Foreign or Domestic! Now stand up for your Oath! You swore an Oath! Stand up and Defend it!


That was the longest the occupiers go without screaming profanities. Approximately 45 seconds of the 4 hour live feed. The male occupier later said to vlogger, “… I’m Ready to Go. I’m Ready to Die, and it’s hard to keep calm, Buddy.” but not before accusing the FBI agent repeatedly of “trying to provoke something.”

It’s sad. This is what an ideological view of the world can do to people. Perhaps it’s the years of convincing oneself that it is inevitable that they die in a gunfight with police, or that they really think they are right, but such disassociation from reality would be utterly hilarious if it wasn’t so sad and dangerous.


FBI Agent

It doesn’t make sense if you’re only caring about your message and not your family.


Male Occupier

Fuck you! I care about my family, that’s why I’m here, you Fucking Shithead!


Hopefully, this time tomorrow they will all be in jail and no one will fire any shots. Occupiers claim they will be turn themselves in on today. The final four occupiers, as yet, have still not turned themselves in.



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