Shock claim: ‘Some dinosaurs left Earth before comet hit to become intelligent ET raptors’

Written by Jon Austin (Express UK)

Well, that is if you believe a madcap theory from a US “non-profit” organisation, which claims they evolved into intelligent beings that have returned to our planet and can speak English.

Supporters of the US-based Earth defence headquarters believe that several velociraptors, made famous by the Jurassic Park movie series, were rescued from Earth by aliens in space ships before the impact 66 million years ago.

Jo Ann Richards tours UFO conferences trying to convince the audience her husband, who is serving life for murder, was once a special forces agent who attended as a child with his father, a 1961 intergalactic conference about the future of the Earth, and met juvenile raptor aliens, who could speak English, and a string of other ET species.

Amazingly, conference goers pay money to hear the tall-sounding tale at conferences in the UK and Europe.

At a UFO conference in Watford she told of a story about how Richards and his father, Ellis Lloyd Richards Jnr, were both involved in secret research involving aliens.

She added as a young boy in June 1961 her husband had attended a covert conference in a castle in England, involving the “leaders of Earth and hundreds of species of aliens from all over the galaxy”.

Her story, which would defy belief to even the most ardent of alien believers, claimed among the alien species were the raptors, that looked exactly like those seen in the Jurassic Park movies, but who could speak English.

She said: “These originated from the dinosaurs on Earth. Some of them left Earth before the comet came and had occupied another planet.”

Mrs Richards also uses the platform to gain support for a campaign that her husband is innocent of the shocking murder he was convicted of planning 1n 1982, and, instead was farmed by the CIA, because he was about to expose the fact that aliens are real.

She claims he was previously covertly involved in secret space programmes involving several alien species, but he was framed by the so-called men in black when he was about to blow the whistle on everything.

Tall story: The Richards' claim a race of alien raptors can speak English

She opens her talks outlining why the man she married while he was in prison is “innocent” of the shocking crime of planning the murder of his friend before disposing of the body and spending his cash.

She claims Mr Richards is not the manipulative fantasist he was said to be when he was convicted of first degree murder and describes her husband as  a “political prisoner”.

She said: “My husband was framed for murder he had nothing to do with in 1982 so he would get out of the hair of the New World Order as he would be fighting their efforts at this time.

“My husband has been in prison for almost 30 years for something he had nothing to do with.”

She said in 1979, Richards led a squadron in a legendary alleged underground battle between humans and sinister aliens who had been experimenting on people in a secret base in Dulce, New Mexico, and rescued hundreds of people there.

The battle of Dulce is a myth within some UFO and conspiracy theory circles.

The truth about this battle was one of the key things Richards was about to expose to the world when he was arrested over the murder, she claims.

But records of the trial showed Richards used none of the fantastical story during his defence and never once claimed to have been framed in court.

In fact, the court heard about a very different fantastical story.

On July 13, 1982, the body of Richards’ friend, vintage car restorer Richard Baldwin, 36, was found weighted down by an outboard motor in water near the Sisters Island in San Pablo Bay, San Francisco, Marin County, California.

He was wrapped in plastic tarpaulin and a bamboo screen and bound around the neck and ankles by TV cable, rope and duct-tape.

Mr Baldwin had a fractured skull and was stabbed in the heart.

Jo Ann Richards explains to UFO conference goers about her husband being in prisonJONAUST

Jo Ann Richards explains to UFO conference goers about her husband being in prison

Types of aliens at the JONAUSTIN

Types of aliens at the “secret conference” and its agenda, according to Jo Ann Richards


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