Panama Papers: What Conspiracists Won’t Learn From It.

89116214_032317977-1The Panama Papers led to the resignation of now-former Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson. Who else will the Panama Papers take down? Conspiracists don’t care.


So you believe 9/11 is an inside Job, The Illuminati rule the world, Planet X will come destroy us all and that Barack Obama is either the Anti-Christ, or a Muslim, or a shape-shifting ‘reptoid’ or whatever it is this week (or did you forget about him now that he has failed in his attempt at becoming Emperor?). So, the fact that you believe any of these things means that, when a real life international conspiracy unfolds before your very eyes

… admit it, you couldn’t care less!

Not a conspiracy theorist? This won’t make sense, but let me explain. A conspiracy theorist is not likely to worry about any conspiracy save that which they are convinced is the ‘real conspiracy’ (see above) and will likely think the Panama Papers are either a diversion or, even more confusing, a means for controlling those in power. The logic being that they, and only they, know the truth and all contradictory information is simply false or irrelevant.

Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm, is at the center of the international money laundering and sheltering leak. Their clients, those who were leaked, include friends and business colleagues of Syria’s leader Bashar Al-Assad, Russian President Vladamir Putin, famous actor Jackie Chan and have already caused political chaos in several countries including the resignation of Iceland’s (now former) Prime Minister.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of high power people throughout the world have or will be implicated by the Panama Papers, but … sadly, for conspiracy theorists; no smoking gun for 9/11, no still-intact MH370, no Annunaki, and sorry, no Anti-Christ revealed.

The fact is, if it didn’t legitimize someone’s pet conspiracy theory a real leak is essentially irrelevant.

What has happened, as it often will with conspiracy theories, is that the Panama Papers become a by-word for further conspiracy accusations. Major conspiracy websites don’t repeat the actual news regarding the Panama Papers but, instead, announce that there is a conspiracy to shelter Americans from the leak (as if the leak were solely meant to prevent the American rich and famous). They further ‘suggest’ the possibility (which later becomes the presumption of further conspiracists) of “who is being protected.


For the record, as of April 7th, at least 200 Americans have been implicated in the Panama Papers.

Again, if you are a conspiracy theorist, this fact is irrelevant.

… or a hoax!

One of the top conspiracy sites, Before it’s News, posts as its top article about the Panama Papers with the topic ‘John McAfee Exposes the Enormous “Panama Papers” Hoax‘ and includes the following video from Alex Jones’ InfoWars.


The video starts with the overwrought voice of Alex Jones as he mocks the Panama Papers as a “joke” and somehow makes the ‘real story’ about the American political establishment trying to “steal the election from Donald Trump.”

What did various whistleblowers of the past, including Julian Assange and Edward Snowden do? They revealed, in vivid and shocking detail, financial and military and governmental and securities secrets that were hidden from the people who were affected by them. In effect, they blew the lid off various conspiracies. To this, what do conspiracy theorists say? They either say that it was all smoke and mirrors to hide the ‘true conspiracy’ or they say that it was just the tip of the conspiracy iceberg and barely worth noting.

It is a sad, almost sobering thought, to no that most conspiracy theorists wouldn’t know what to do with a real conspiracy, should they ever encounter one. In point of fact, even if a conspiracy would be revealed to them in plain language (as is the case with the Panama Papers) their response will simply be to disregard it as a hoax or red herring.




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