Is Hillary Clinton the ‘Disclosure Candidate’ and Will it Matter?

13071826_1716937278586595_5941033600911971317_oHillary Clinton vows to put the truth ‘out there’

Apparently, it seems that the topic of Hillary Clinton has been repeatedly linked to UFO Disclosure, or the presumption that; there is something to disclose regarding UFOs and their connection with suspected extraterrestrial visitation to the planet Earth, and that someone in power can and will disclose it. Ignoring all those words in italics, the hopeful expectation of such a disclosure has been a topic of UFO lore for quite some time.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton has also been a topic of regular conjecture. Since her first Presidential Bid in 2008 and statements from her husband, Former President Bill Clinton, and her choice of campaign manager, Hillary Clinton has seemed to court the “disclosure conjecture.” Of course, it was my colleague, Miep Von Sydow, who may have said it most convincingly (if snarkily):


“It kinda makes sense, Bill and Hillary are old hippies and old hippies love UFOs.“

With that, I suppose it’s time to consider the possibilities and potential for Hillary to become our first ‘Disclosure President.’

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and one-time chief-of-staff for then President Bill Clinton has been a long-time supporter for disclosure on the topic of UFOs and Area 51. As an outgoing aide to the Obama Administration, Podesta both tweeted and said publically “The Truth is Out There” (an allusion to the television show The X-Files) and stated his greatest regret of his tenure with Obama was failing to succeed in attaining UFO disclosure.


If the employ of Podesta is little more than a coincidence, and Hillary has little to no interest in such extraterrestrial conjecture, circumstantial evidence should be minimal and Clinton would likely laugh off any suggestion thereof. That, however, does not seem to be the case. UFO Disclosure buffs, as well as the folks who believe in a secret power elite referred to as the ‘Illuminati’ point to this photo of Hillary Clinton as proof positive of every one of their beliefs from the existence of the Illuminati, to Hillary as the ‘heir apparent’ (disregarding the age of the photo).

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 Hill Rockefeller

The book in question, is Are We Alone? by Paul Davies (See below).

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 Hill Rockefeller 2

If you notice that the book was published the same year that the picture was taken, suggesting that this was a topic the then First Lady considered worthy of some of her time, even then. Are We Alone? considers the ‘Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life.’ Disclosure Lobbyists and UFOlogists largely, of course, believe that the discovery has already been made and the real question is ‘how long until we find out that we are not alone?’

Since the Fall of 1995, it appears that Hillary Clinton has stayed up on the subject of UFOs and has been both ready and willing to answer questions regarding UFOs on the campaign trail. Normally, these are the types of topics candidates try to shy away from. This is not so much the case with Hillary, as in the following visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live (3/24/16):

and with radio Deejay, Charlamagne tha God, on The Breakfast Club (4/18/16): here is an excerpt via Huffington Post:

Charlamagne: Do you believe?

Clinton: I don’t know. I want to see what the information shows. But there are enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen, making them up. I think that people see things — what they see, I don’t know. But we have got to try to give people information. I believe in that.

Whether or not there is anything there has either yet to be seen, unless it has and Bill Clinton saw it and the evidence was nil. Worse yet, the evidence was and is there and is catastrophic in its enormity and implications. Can America, and the world, handle what may lie in wait for the right world leader to disclose the evidence regarding UFOs? I am almost certain that any confirmation will be met with denial, fear, divisiveness and terrorism at a level beyond the domestic or foreign terror we deal with today. If there is nothing, we all go on believing as we did before (whether we believed in no alien visitors or a massive cover-up). What then?

Hillary Clinton, despite her insistence that she will disclose the truth (whatever that may be) unless it poses a National Security risk will, necessarily, be silent if she is elected. Perhaps for the reason her husband gave, that there is nothing, or perhaps because what is there is far to volatile and dangerous to let out.

On a lighter note, if Clinton is elected, we may anticipate 4-8 more years of fake news stories like this!



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