‘Christian Soldier’ Trump Supporter Describes Plans For Possible Race War After Election

Written by Curtis Purdy
Displayed with permission from GOPocalypse

Expect to find less toilet paper and bullets on store shelves for a while.

His name is Jim Moseley and if you aren’t white, or are white and not wearing enough Duck Dynasty apparel, it seems possible he could shoot you after the election. Jim was quoted in a report by the Washington bureau of The Toronto Star that he was preparing for “war” by stocking up on canned goods and ammunition for after Trump loses.

Once the trucks stop rolling, the grocery shelves will go empty and gasoline rationing will go into effect. Liberals will have targets on their backs, as their behaviors are pretty much evident … race wars will begin as well, as your skin color will be your uniform!

Those damned liberals.. always so evident by their behavior. You know how you can spot a liberal? Set a trap for them with a recycling bin. If they deny their plastic bottle’s freedom by throwing it in there, that’s when you jump ’em.

He lives in South Carolina, so if you know the guy you might not want to stop by his house if you drive a black SUV. He might mistake you for the Hillary police and start shooting from his attic window.

The Star interviewed Moseley previously, when they met him outside of a Christian book store. That was the time when Moseley informed The Star that he is a “Christian soldier,” and said that as a Christian he will be casting his vote for – as The Star puts it so eloquently – “an insult-spewing casino developer from New York who has said he has never once asked God for forgiveness, curses without provocation, used to support abortion rights and speaks proudly of his own greed.”

Moseley is a perfect glimpse into the end product of 8 years of Republicans running on nothing but apocalyptic fear and hatred of other people. I get that they have no new ideas, but isn’t it better to just repeat those instead of making U.S. citizens actually think they might need to start taking the lives of other people just because Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall in the polls?

Even folks on Trump’s short list of “fabulous people” are getting terrified at individuals like Moseley continuing to pop up as Trump keeps pushing the rhetoric that U.S. presidential elections are “rigged.” Even Senator Mike Lee, who is easily one of the worst conservatives in Congress, thinks this is just too much. Lee was quoted as saying “I think it’s frightening beyond my ability to describe. It’s almost an anticipated repudiation of the outcome of the election … It delegitimizes the entire process in a way that is really dangerous.” It’s funny how Republicans suddenly get reasonable when they are afraid for themselves.


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