Obama Declares Martial Law to Remain President Indefinitely!!!

Believe it or not, conspiracy theorists are still pushing this same bullshit with only 10 days left in his official post.

But why?

Conspiracy theorists had long suspected President Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim,  a homosexual, The Antichrist, and … you know … “I’m not racist or whatever, I just don’t like him.”

You can trace the course of Right Wing hatred for Obama, from his first week in the U.S. Senate to his final days in office. Before his Presidency, even Democrats took jabs at him.



Of course, for the vast majority of Right Wing politicos, shifted the focus of their ire towards Hillary Clinton as the 2016 Presidential Election loomed. With the election of Donald Trump, the trope of Obama hoping to maintain power came back in the dark murky alternate reality of the conspiracy theorists.

Today, the day of President Obama’s final address while in office, those with the deepest faith in extreme secrecy and shadowy governance are still convinced the jig isn’t up for their secret Gay Muslim Antichrist.

A conversation started ten days before the end of the Obama Presidency. The later images are all excerpts from the same discussion string.

The last holdouts to the reality that the Obama Presidency is coming to an end are not Obama supporters but a few conspiracy theorists who feel “like Obama will not leave office.” This thread is just the most recent example, the original poster offered the prediction above on a Facebook group called Nibiru Countdown (and if you don’t know what Nibiru is, check here).


The conversation continued. Eventually,  a few people began to question the assertion of the original poster. Someone posted a link to the bad news story of the day, that Donald Trump may be “compromised” by Russian President Putin. Rather than arguing against this story itself, the original poster launched into a racist pro-Trump rant.


Nibiru Obama 4.png

The pointless racism aside, the fact that a conspiracy group is so overwhelmingly pro-Trump should not be a huge surprise. The real revelation here is that even today … ten days before Trump is sworn in as President, the conspiracy theorists have yet to let go of their worst fears. After years of self-delusion and gaslighting, the thought that Barack Obama won’t have been the satanic scourge they thought him to be is just too hard take.

Obama, if you are reading this, get on that group thread and let them know you are watching.

Just to fuck with them.

I certainly hope the Trump administration produces as strange a collection of conspiracy theories. If the allegations of Trump’s being compromised by Russia prove not to be true, rest assured that some anti-Trump conspiracy theorists will not let it go.

One thing Obama conspiracy theories and the current Trump story have in common; they both show the willingness of people to believe the worst about people who have rose to high political power by those people who stand in opposition to what they represent.

Case in point …


Go ahead and Google it. This is how conspiracy theories start.



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