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Blood of the Gods?

It is not uncommon for pseudoscientific beliefs to be picked up and interpreted and absorbed into Religious, Secular, and New Age worldviews. Such is the case with the ideal that there is “something special” about Rh Negative blood factor.  A typical example of imprecise jargon within the scientific community rendering the concept mystical to the lay community, paving the way for folk interpretations. This also becomes a case of how any pseudoscientific claim can become proof of a “big conspiracy” when folk belief is met with facts.


Will Rogers, MT33, PhD, B.S., AA., CPT, CLC*

*credentials could not be independently authenticated.

The belief in a divine blood type is simple enough, but first, you have to believe in a few specifics; namely, divinity and its literal physical transfer by blood. Seems simple enough, but not all religious tenets hold to this and even fewer scientific tenets (none, to be exact). Rather than being a subset of fringe or theoretical hematology, this is a byproduct of lay research without the aid of an actual expert or historian to correct those faulty assumptions any researcher can make without proper guidance and insight.

The Facts of the “factor.” The Rhesus or Rh factor, is an antigen that exists on the surface of red blood cells in most people. When  discussing the four general blood types, A, B, O and AB, they are also labeled as being with or without the Rh antigen, positive or negative. This references the Rhesus factor of the blood, either with or without the Rhesus factor. 85% of people are Rh+ and the remaining are, thus, Rh-. Rh factor is most relevant medically with regard to blood transfusions and during pregnancy as an Rh factor mix-match between mother and child can cause Rhesus (or Rh) disease. The danger during childbirth is what gave Rh Factor its name. When the first serum to prevent this disease (which was at the time unnamed) was produced and tested it was done using blood from a rhesus macaque monkey, and the blood factor the serum was derived from retained the name rhesus (Rh). Though Rh disease can have severe consequences for infant mortality if untreated, this is where the known impacts of Rh negative disposition end.

It is not clear when the belief in a super extra-normal or metaphysical attribution was first given to Rh negative blood. The first mention I can find occurred in an October 1976 issue of UFO’s Ancient Astronaut Magazine, in an article titled Blood of the Gods. A concise synopsis of the article would be, ‘my family has rhesus negative (Rh-) in our genetics and very high IQs, we may have alien DNA.’ The author mistakenly claims the Rhesus Factor is so named due to the factor being present in rhesus monkeys, having not known the history that gave the antigen serum and, thus, the blood factor their names. The article continues to claim that the Basque region of Spain boasts a higher than average Rh- population and suggests this may have been an alien colony. Aside from some gentle boasting and subtle racializing, this article is the first known print example of claiming Rh negative’s spooky alien derivations.

Now, the premise Rh Negative blood being somehow superhuman, apparently means very different things depending on what you believe and whether you have the Rh factor or not. The Rh Negative Registry Website lists several “origin theories” (none of which they endorse, per se). These include alien and mythic racial bloodlines, and a bloodline descending from Jesus. There are theories that involve Cro-Magnon Man, Four Jewish Mothers, Ancient Egyptians, Nazis and Scandinavians. All this is fun nonsensical chatter … until someone gets hurt!

To those who are Rh+ (or anyone who has no idea what their blood type and factor may be but just hear weird stuff about bloodlines and aliens), the various origin theories have led to peculiar fears and suspicions. Namely, the fear that Rh- people are human/alien hybrids. This proves to be a concern for some people with Rh negative blood who are being accused of being hybrids. This produces the potential for a real modern-day witchhunt that is already playing out online in chatrooms of conspiracy theory websites. Hopefully, education can stave off the potential for such violence, which is part of the reason for the Rh Negative Registry Website.

This is not a hypothetical threat, this is a real life problem that has already resulted in violence. Remember the movie They Live? Kyle Odom did. Kyle Odom also wrote a 21-page manifesto in which he explained why he needed to shoot Idaho pastor Tim Remington. A week after Pastor Tim conducted a very public prayer invocation at a campaign rally for then Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz, Tim was targeted and and shot multiple times by Odom. Odom, a former marine, later sent out a Facebook post explaining his motive, Pastor Tim was a Martian.


Odom’s thoughts on Rh factor are not immediately known, but his belief in Martian mind-control and manipulation were well documented in his manifesto. Odom was later arrested after a manhunt and Pastor Tim recovered and returned to his church in Idaho, but the threat of violence based on total nonsense still exists.

As an aside, folks that believe in alien origin often use this story as a way of describing racial and ethnic difference, sometimes in the same breath as misquoting Bible verse and Apocrypha.

There is a significant religious conspiracy theory that centers on Rh- as well, but it may be less dangerous and more nonsensical than the threat of folks like Kyle Odom. The quote from Dr. Will Rogers (again, his credentials could not be independently verified) appeared at the beginning of a long, rambling Facebook post, replete with loose-associations and various Bible verses taken out of context. Here is a bit more of his post (read if you dare or scroll past):

The Secret Book of John


(Celestial / Fallen Angels and Terrestrial / Homo Sapiens )
“And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” –Daniel 2:43(KJV)
Where did the Rh negatives come from? Why does the body of an Rh negative mother carrying an Rh positive child reject her own offspring?

If two Rh-Negative people try to have a baby it will usually die or be born a “BLUE Baby”, because it is not processing oxygen properly. That’s why they are called “Blue-Bloods” approximately 5% of the Earth’s population are currently Rh-Negatives.
From man’s primitive point of view, THESE creatures WERE gods! But that was early man’s point of view. Where they really gods? The ancient stories tell us, BUT, THESE STORIES WHERE TAKEN OUT OF THE BIBLE!

Rh-negative women and men have several”Unusual Traits” that Rh-positives don’t have. Some call these attributes…………….REPTILIAN!
Your blood type; A, B, AB, O / neg or pos is given to you so you can make an
WHY?? What did your soul do that it needs make an atonement????????
That’s why the blood of Yahushuwah / Jesus was and is so important!
Rh-negative women and men have several “Unusual Traits” that Rh-positives don’t. Some call them “Reptilian Traits”.

WHERE DOES Rh Negative Blood come from? Most people with RH-negative blood have certain characteristics that seem to be common among the majority. Here is a brief list of the most common.
¨ Extra vertebra.
¨ Higher than average IQ
¨ More sensitive vision and other senses.
¨ Lower body temperature
¨ Higher blood pressure
¨ Increased occurrence of psychic/intuitive abilities
¨ Predominantly blue, green, or Hazel eyes
¨ Red or reddish hair
¨ Has increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight
¨ Cannot be cloned
¨ Alien Abduction and other unexplained phenomenon

A person with type O negative blood is considered to be a “Universal Donor”….ie….
UNIVERSAL BLOOD or original blood. It means YOUR BLOOD can be given to man, mankind (a kind of man) and human (hue=color or bent man),regardless of their blood type, without causing a transfusion reaction. “O” NEGATIVE BLOOD is………

This collection of odd pseudo-science and pseudo-religious conjecture marks some of the more confusing claims about Rh- people and the Rh Negative blood factor. The belief that Rhesus Negative really means non-primate (which, again, was due to simple choice in nomenclature; read here and here) has led to several wild assumptions. The potential confusion that such a misnomer could cause, I am sure, they had not foreseen. Here’s hoping that the conflation of Rh Negative blood and extra-human origins ends or, at the very least, does not result in the harm of anyone, regardless of their blood type.

Full disclosure: I still have no idea of my blood type.


Narratives, Society, and the Self: the Case of Bill Cooper


camera obscura


To further the conversation of the social causes and effects of conspiracy theories, it is important to consider how we as a species tend to create, adopt, and identify with various ideologies, worldviews, and modes of seeing the greater society at large. Social sciences often use the term social construction to describe this process. For the purpose of this discussion I want to use the simpler and more general term: narrative.

The narrative is a concept that nearly everyone can understand. A narrative is a story. When people talk about narratives, they think of drama, comedy, a novel, etc.

What I mean by narrative is essentially the same, except in social science is a story that is believed to be true. Narratives are the accounts of events that endeavor to maintain temporal and causal coherence and ascribe a meaning to the event. Just like the moral of a story, such as a fable, humans are ‘meaning-making’ animals, hard-wired to see meaning. According to Professor Emeritus Walter Fisher, meaning making is all humans (whom he suggests be called Homo Narrans, or ‘narrating man’) do.


Creating the Pale Horse.

A case study that can provide an example of narrative in terms of conspiracy theories is that of Milton William ‘Bill’ Cooper. Bill Cooper, born in may 1943, and served in the US Navy. Little more is known for certain about his formative years. He surfaced in UFOlogy circles in 1988 when he claimed to have seen top secret government documents involving extraterrestrials and a global cover-up. Before the publish of his 1991 book Behold, a Pale Horse, Cooper had already had his claims of Top Secret Naval Intelligence summarily debunked by the very UFOlogists he sought to convince; many finding that he had plagiarized their own works, or known hoaxes. Nevertheless, Bill Cooper persisted and expanded his claims. He eventually met his own self-fulfilling prophecy; shot in killed in a gunfight after shooting and injuring one sheriff and almost running over another while attempting to flee the service of a warrant in November, 2001.



Unfortunately for Bill Cooper, he created a narrative that he (mostly likely) believed whole-heartedly and led to his death. Fortunately, for anyone who wants to know the story of Bill Cooper, he has been recorded telling a narrative version of his life on several occasions. He tells how, at an early age, he heard stories of ‘Foo Fighters’ and play-acted UFO sighting scenarios out as a child (see video above). As we consider the life and death of Bill Cooper, let us consider the ways in which he came to create his narratives.


The Social Destruction of Reality?

According to Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann, authors of The Social Construction of Reality, argue that there are both objective and subjective aspects to reality. The various aspects of reality, specifically an institutionalized society, play out through processes called  externalization, objectivation, and internalization.

Such daunting terminology!

Simply put; we humans experience society as if it were an objective truth because it is experienced ‘in progress’ with various customs and roles already normalized, we then build our perceptions around this ‘objective truth’, and thus internalizes and finds meaning through this ‘objective truth’.

At least, that’s how the vast majority of people experience society. At least, that’s how they used to.

In considering reification, or the process of making an abstract concept to be concrete in the mind, this ‘social construction of reality’ is echoed. So it is with reification, the dominant narrative, too, was lost in American culture through an era of great social discord. Many Americans believed that conspiracies existed that caused, among other things, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. With the development of such a belief, that ‘institutionalized’ society lost its overwhelming agreement on any presumed ‘objective truths’.

As various counterculture movements of the 1960s and 1970s came to summarily reject the institutionalized society through internalizing their anti-war stance, or their greater class, race, gender, and/or sexuality consciousnesses, they began a dialectic process of reinterpreting the society at large.

Based on his own autobiographical accounts, Bill Cooper had begun this process as a young boy. Whether his statements are factual, fabrications, or delusions; Bill Cooper had likely spent his entire life believing in extraterrestrial life, in the U.S. Military and Government’s knowledge of their existence, and (at least by 1988) that the Government colluded with extraterrestrials for nefarious purposes. His detailed description of D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) and the ‘secret Government agenda’ were taken to be ‘objective truth’ by some who were interested in UFOs, many in the growing American Militia Movement, and many others who rejected institutionalized society in need of an alternative narrative.

And why wouldn’t they? Bill Cooper both wrote and spoke of his beliefs with the utmost assurance of his evidence and his perception. Bill Cooper narrated his own audiobook version of Behold, a Pale Horse with the self assured tone which he wrote the book, and with the same pretense he assumed when plagiarizing Ufologists and hucksters in the 1980s.



For a more accessible understanding of the concept, maybe we should admit that there is little difference between social narratives and the stories we grew up reading or having told to us as children.

Stories have a beginning, a middle, an end. They have protagonist(s) and antagonist(s). There is a moral to the story.  Some stories, fables and parables, give prescriptions on how to live; a call to action.

If, for instance, as Bill Cooper claims, aliens will disclose themselves after a false nuclear terror attack permits the US Government to suspend the Constitution, forcing survivors into a lifetime of slavery; all aspects of a storyline have been achieved. The protagonists (Humanity, but specifically Americans), the antagonists (aliens and the Government), the stakes (Freedom or Slavery) and the moral (to ‘wake up’ from the deception before it’s too late) occurs only after, in Behold, a Pale Horse, the secret history of US Government involvement with extraterrestrials and significant back story work has been done.

According to Cooper, the beginning had been written, but we humans are capable of changing how the story ends. This is the unspoken narrative embedded in any conspiracy theory; a call to action to expose the conspiracy and restore Justice. With Cooper’s UFO conspiracy, as with any conspiracy theory, the narrative is a morality play en media res.


Your Story, a Vow.

Just like the narrative of society, we each have a tacit, modifiable, and suggestible narrative of the self. The various roles we play in our daily lives, the labels we are given, the affiliations we maintain; all become part of our conception of our self.

The narrative of the self is necessarily linked to our narrative of society.

If, for instance, you believe that 9/11 was either planned, or known and allowed to proceed, by members of the US Government; it would mean that you either feel compelled to state this due to a belief in your own honor or honesty, or you maintain your thoughts secretly for fear of negative evaluation by others.

The opinion of others can profoundly effect your view of yourself, as well as what you make known to the world. The opinion of a close friend, a spouse or relationship partner, or a family member (those ‘significant others’) can weigh more heavily and be a more profound influence than the opinions of members of the general public.

An ‘I am … ‘ or ‘I believe … ‘ statement ascribes a self identity to the person who makes the statement, whether it be out loud or in secret. Once such a statement is made out loud, others may hold a person to it, questioning when such a statement seems to be contradicted by a person’s actions. Even when held in secret, contradictions can lead to identity crises.

Bill Cooper went through several such self identity crises. Rejected by more well-established Ufologists, such as UFO Magazine‘s Don Ecker, Cooper gravitated more towards anti-government extremists. Cooper became a noted ‘Arizona Militia‘ figure according to his L.A. Times obit. His shortwave radio broadcast, Hour of the Time, was a daily diatribe; a favorite of Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh and other extremists. Yet, towards the end of Behold, a Pale Horse, Cooper prescribed of all people to seek a paradigm shift that could lead to a healing of the planet; this did not seem like the words of a man who would later inspire Right-Wing extremists.

After years of avoiding a warrant for tax evasion, Milton William Cooper shot and critically injured Deputy Robert Martinez and was then killed as deputies were attempting to arrest him on an unrelated criminal menacing charge. U.S. Marshals claim Cooper vowed never to be taken alive.


Post Script.

The day before the shootout, Bill Cooper devoted his last radio broadcast to a wistful account his combat time in Vietnam along the Cua Viet River. Thoughts of a black widow spider outbreak, a typhoon, an invitation of the USMC Veterans Assoc.; all letters and emails solicited by Bill for an upcoming website and book, interspersed with old war stories.

This is one of the aspects of a narrative that vaguely ask the audience to imagine an aspect of the story that was not apparent throughout the rest of the story. The post script can be denouement or peripeteia. Less than two months after 9/11/2001, his friend Alex Jones initiating his own long-term radio broadcast, Bill Cooper was planning a book to reminisce and honor the valor of those who he fought with.

In the end, Bill Cooper’s story has no clear resolution.

Aliens, Demons, and the Great Deception (includes Addenda)

Aliens, Illluminati and the Great Deception

Fringe perspectives on Mainstream Media

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In watching television news or any mainstream media broadcast, all viewers take the information and filter it through their own worldview. Viewers may fully accept messages as stated, interpret them as coded messages, view reports as biased, or otherwise take an oppositional stance to their perception of the broadcaster’s meaning. This means, even before a viewer can accept or reject what is perceived to be the message of a News broadcast or sitcom (for example), they must first define the meaning in reference to their own worldview. This may seem simple enough, but I intend to show some examples where it definitely is not. Fringe belief systems, whether part of a group or a belief that some people may adhere to, tend to take news media through an oppositional lens.  Some who believe specific fringe ideas go further to read news stories as part of an intentional conspiracy, obfuscating the truth in their worldview. To the level by which fringe believers are aware they are in opposition to the general public, they will read the intended meaning as intentional hegemonic brainwashing. To the level by which one fringe believer or group is aware of another fringe group’s interpretation of the world, they will attempt to refute the official meaning as well as the rival interpretation and give reason as to the falsehood of opposing interpretations.

Belief in Alien involvement in human genesis and their future involvement in humanity is no longer an unheard of fringe belief. Alien Millenarians (at least) believe in imminent extraterrestrial contact that will bring about a permanent terrestrial transformation. Some believe that aliens are humanity’s genetic relatives, some believe that aliens walk among us either in their real form or using a cloaking device, some believe that this earth will soon be destroyed and that the few chosen will escape amid alien spaceships. This may be seen more as a set of fringe beliefs and not one insular fringe group (though it includes some specific groups, i.e. Raelians, Nuwaubians, and the late Heaven’s Gate group). This worldview (in fact, extra-worldly-view) of reality sees UFO sightings and determines that they are alien spaceships and all governments and news agencies are complicit in an international cover-up. This belief system may, occasionally, find support for such other beliefs as a belief in a secret ruling Illuminati (here, in league with extra-terrestrials), or with other supernatural ideas (i.e. ghosts).

Alien Demonologists take the view that aliens are, in fact, the demons from the Judeo-Christian mythology. This belief system reads all alien encounters as demonic encounters and foresees a major cultural shift in the near future when aliens will appear to everyone as part of the “Great Deception” (a reference to Bible verse 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11). This group still sits in opposition to mass media as deceptive to the people, but also takes a neo-conservative stance on world news, the cultural shift toward social liberalism and secularism, and world leaders as either agents of the Antichrist or (in the case of Barack Obama) the Antichrist himself (note, Obama is one of many historical figures popularly accused of being the Antichrist, he’s just the current one). Not only do people with this belief interpret news media through their own oppositional framework but they interpret the Alien Millenarians’ worldview through this framework as well (here’s an example of this concept). To these folks, the Illuminati is very real, very active, and run by satanists (which they theorize is almost every famous person alive, including actors like Jim Carrey and ministers like Joel Olsteen).

These are not specific groups, or “cults” per se. They are, in fact, fringe beliefs that are growing in relevance internationally (Alien Millenarians can be found in several countries, So far, most Alien Demonologists are in the U.S.). What they tell about their own beliefs is, I think, almost insignificant in comparison to what they can tell us about how most people experience media. Both ideological belief systems distrust media, believing that they are hiding “the truth” from the masses. Some within the Demonology set go as far as to say that graphics in news and sports shows are used to lull unsuspecting viewers into submission through mnemonics and sigil magic (here’s one example of what some people think may hypnotize you). The larger population, within the U.S. anyway, does believe in the possibility of effective subliminal persuasion (which is simply not accurate). Still more people distrust the government, distrust individuals and believe that the majority of people are malicious and would take advantage of others were they given the chance. Based on these views of the world around them, how else could people take news reports of violence in every news show as anything but confirmation that our world is going down (going to Hell, perhaps). Beliefs such as these are examples of logical fallacies, biases that say that the world is currently worse than ever before, and to find proof you need only look at the news.

Addendum 1 (added on or before March 1, 2015):

Alternative media has become an important link in the chain of confirmation of fringe beliefs. Websites that call themselves news sites abound. An article is posted on an alternative news website, it is read and shared on social media, it then becomes legitimized. The creation and reinforcement of conspiracy theories and fringe ideologies, thus, becomes linked to online personae. If someone has rejected mainstream media in lieu of alternative news sources and activated their identity into their belief then it becomes a de facto reality to them. The idea of the Illuminati, for instance, is almost universally held among fringe believers, whether the nature of this theoretical Illuminati be mortal, alien, or demonically controlled depends on the ideology.

Addendum 2 (added on or before March 1, 2015):

There is significant overlap in social media between “Alien Genesists” (people who believe in the alien seeding of humanity) and Alien Millenarians (who are more interested in being taken from the earth). A new development, as far as I have seen is that “Great Deceptionists” (those who are Christian and believe the beings people claim to have had close encounters with are really demons) are beginning to include an Alien Genesist node to the links they post on forums, suggesting a further fringe group of Christian Alien Genesists who may retain belief in the Bible but identify God as extra-terrestrial or interpret Heaven in more intergalactic forms. This is speculation, of course, as those who focus in on the “Great Deception” concept see aliens as demonic and would require a new cosmology.

Addendum 3 (added on or before March 1, 2015):

Continuing where Addenda 1 and 2 left off, alternative media sources and the social networking are the fora in which fringe beliefs are modified and become new belief systems nowadays. Stronger than any pastor at any church podium, the process of creating new cosmologies, eschatologies, and conspiracy theories through social interaction online and through creating content on alternative news sites has decentralized religion and (in the case of Christianity) the Bible itself. Those who call themselves Christians now merely use the Bible to legitimize their belief by cherry-picking Bible verses that tend to reinforce their preferred narrative. Ultimately, there is no cult save a “cult of one” and no universal creed, rather many relatively like-minded individuals who generally agree upon certain general ideas but not on specifics.

Addendum 4 (added on or before March 2, 2015): YouTube and cheap video editing software have led to hundreds of videos being seen by millions of people worldwide. This has worked to legitimize the beliefs past the realm of basement musings and crackpot taboo. As fringe media consumers become fringe media content producers, there is a great potential for the dominant narratives or our era to shift back to “witches, demons, and the supernatural.

Here are a few more examples:

The God Masquerade

The Digital Anunnaki

I have, in the past, subscribed to (believed in) quite a few conspiracy theories.

In the past, even those that include somewhat far-fetched “extra-scientific” theories were not entirely beyond belief to me; but I tended towards anything that implicated higher level government agencies or wealthy power-brokers (and I am sure the psychology students out there can give me a pretty good psych profile based on that alone).

The one theory that never seemed to sound even remotely feasible to me was the shape-shifting reptile Anunnaki popularly theorized as the true rulers of all humanity by David Icke.

Though the belief in a race of reptiles that morph into human form (who, in fact, rule over us all) may seem far-fetched out of context (okay, and in context as well), it is really only a matter of meeting the necessary required benchmarks.

I. Might you find it possible that some government agencies in the U.S. are corrupt and/or conspiratorial?

II. Might the recent international trends toward globalization seem to breed odd alliances between once warring countries?

III. Might all this global consolidation of governance (European Union, United Nations), trade (NAFTA, the proposed TPP trade agreement), economic organizations (WTO, IMF) and military cooperation (United Nations, NATO) seem suspect to anyone who has been taught to distrust foreign governments and have a certain amount of national pride or want their country to succeed (as was the case with so many Americans, especially after 9/11)?

IV. Could I, II, and III all be connected? Could there be a malevolent group (i.e. The Illuminati) behind it all?  Might they have a master plan?

V. Could that malevolent group be something other than human?

If you agreed with questions I, II, and III, then you surpassed the first benchmark and are likely to not find IV all that far-fetched. If you agree with IV (the second benchmark), and you don’t have any specific belief that would prevent V from being feasible (the third benchmark), you will most likely find V somewhat feasible. Most people that I have met agree with at least 2 out of the first 3. Based on my experience the population who believe in IV are few, but not entirely rare. Also, based on my experience, those who believe in V are rare, but vocal.

Vocal isn’t the proper word.

Ubiquitous is more like it. The internet grew up alongside those that see the Anunnaki as our true leaders. As Web 1.0 gave way to Web 2.0, search engines were already awash in conspiracy theories involving alien overlords. From there, search algorithms continued to favor an increasing number of stories, theories, speculative articles and websites devoted to stories about the Illuminati, the Anunnaki, UFO abduction stories, and ‘spooky pasta’ about human-alien hybrids.

Today, self-proclaimed online news forums (such as provide content for Facebook posts on the subject and discussion group fodder. YouTube has become a hotbed of ‘proof’ of shape-shifters caught on video.

The hyperlink examples of ‘proof’ in quotation marks are, as you may notice; generally video footage of television screens, generally focus in on the eyes, and generally play the same footage over in slow motion to ‘prove’ their findings. The argument that is given is that shape-shifters (the name is misleading based on this argument) use cloaking devices that sometimes malfunction.

The videos that ‘prove,’ for instance, that George W. Bush is a shape-shifter are laughable to the non-believer, but still deserve to be rationally debunked for the sake of reason and so that future societies can be aware that we did not all believe in the Anunnaki Illuminati.

Technically speaking…

There are various causes for the visual distortions of the eyes in these videos. I, personally, do not think that the people who record or post these videos are manufacturing intentional hoaxes but are, rather, fooling themselves with their eyes (and their own biases).

First off, their are too many things that can distort a digital image to list them all in a blog that is not entirely devoted to the subject (if I find one, I will add it). The digital image distortions due to motion are numerous as well, but the ones that have to do with the eyes are going to be my primary focus.

Digital video formats, such as H.264 have an amazing capacity to reproduce visual images through balancing color input with frame rate; allowing images expected to remain a certain color to stay that color and allocating memory elsewhere. When sudden movements occur, a brief color echo can occur.

This effect is exaggerated when taking video of video; as in the case of taking a digital video of your television. For all those who do not believe me, please, consider using VHS instead to ‘prove’ that this is not the case.

Another issue that causes some to believe that they have just ‘witnessed’ a shape shift event is that the people making these videos often watch the television screen through the camcorder’s video display and not with their own eyes or through a viewfinder. Their initial reaction will only be confirmed upon playback.

This issue is compounded when the camera is operated handheld. To prove this to yourself, film yourself talking, moving, blinking, etc. then play it back and film that! If you do you will likely see distortions upon playback of the second video (and you know that you aren’t a shape-shifter, right?).

So, why are so many of these videos of footage recorded from news shows? I think some of the reasons that people think they are seeing shape-shifters on news shows is the lighting, especially a little known studio tool called the “ring light.” Florescent light gives every talking head it shoots that glint in the eyes television producers desire, but for special guests or news anchors who speak and look into the camera a ring of light gives spark and sparkle to that most expressive area of the face; the eyes.  The most well known video of a ‘shape-shifter,’ former U.S. President George H. W. Bush was likely a victim of bad lighting including the unfortunate use of a ring light.

Pretty sure he ran things, pretty sure he is not a lizard.
Pretty sure he ran things, pretty sure he is not a lizard.

If you, or someone you know, has spent countless hours in a cold sweat for fear that your ‘knowledge’ of the ‘reptillian overlords’ may make you a target, I hope this post helps you. There is no doubt that some people believe that these things are true (and no blog or evidence will disprove what they saw with their own eyes!!!) but I hope that this post will help others who just need enough evidence to dissuade them from crossing that third benchmark or those who have already crossed thresholds and are ready to come back.