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Blood of the Gods?

It is not uncommon for pseudoscientific beliefs to be picked up and interpreted and absorbed into Religious, Secular, and New Age worldviews. Such is the case with the ideal that there is “something special” about Rh Negative blood factor.  A typical example of imprecise jargon within the scientific community rendering the concept mystical to the lay community, paving the way for folk interpretations. This also becomes a case of how any pseudoscientific claim can become proof of a “big conspiracy” when folk belief is met with facts.


Will Rogers, MT33, PhD, B.S., AA., CPT, CLC*

*credentials could not be independently authenticated.

The belief in a divine blood type is simple enough, but first, you have to believe in a few specifics; namely, divinity and its literal physical transfer by blood. Seems simple enough, but not all religious tenets hold to this and even fewer scientific tenets (none, to be exact). Rather than being a subset of fringe or theoretical hematology, this is a byproduct of lay research without the aid of an actual expert or historian to correct those faulty assumptions any researcher can make without proper guidance and insight.

The Facts of the “factor.” The Rhesus or Rh factor, is an antigen that exists on the surface of red blood cells in most people. When  discussing the four general blood types, A, B, O and AB, they are also labeled as being with or without the Rh antigen, positive or negative. This references the Rhesus factor of the blood, either with or without the Rhesus factor. 85% of people are Rh+ and the remaining are, thus, Rh-. Rh factor is most relevant medically with regard to blood transfusions and during pregnancy as an Rh factor mix-match between mother and child can cause Rhesus (or Rh) disease. The danger during childbirth is what gave Rh Factor its name. When the first serum to prevent this disease (which was at the time unnamed) was produced and tested it was done using blood from a rhesus macaque monkey, and the blood factor the serum was derived from retained the name rhesus (Rh). Though Rh disease can have severe consequences for infant mortality if untreated, this is where the known impacts of Rh negative disposition end.

It is not clear when the belief in a super extra-normal or metaphysical attribution was first given to Rh negative blood. The first mention I can find occurred in an October 1976 issue of UFO’s Ancient Astronaut Magazine, in an article titled Blood of the Gods. A concise synopsis of the article would be, ‘my family has rhesus negative (Rh-) in our genetics and very high IQs, we may have alien DNA.’ The author mistakenly claims the Rhesus Factor is so named due to the factor being present in rhesus monkeys, having not known the history that gave the antigen serum and, thus, the blood factor their names. The article continues to claim that the Basque region of Spain boasts a higher than average Rh- population and suggests this may have been an alien colony. Aside from some gentle boasting and subtle racializing, this article is the first known print example of claiming Rh negative’s spooky alien derivations.

Now, the premise Rh Negative blood being somehow superhuman, apparently means very different things depending on what you believe and whether you have the Rh factor or not. The Rh Negative Registry Website lists several “origin theories” (none of which they endorse, per se). These include alien and mythic racial bloodlines, and a bloodline descending from Jesus. There are theories that involve Cro-Magnon Man, Four Jewish Mothers, Ancient Egyptians, Nazis and Scandinavians. All this is fun nonsensical chatter … until someone gets hurt!

To those who are Rh+ (or anyone who has no idea what their blood type and factor may be but just hear weird stuff about bloodlines and aliens), the various origin theories have led to peculiar fears and suspicions. Namely, the fear that Rh- people are human/alien hybrids. This proves to be a concern for some people with Rh negative blood who are being accused of being hybrids. This produces the potential for a real modern-day witchhunt that is already playing out online in chatrooms of conspiracy theory websites. Hopefully, education can stave off the potential for such violence, which is part of the reason for the Rh Negative Registry Website.

This is not a hypothetical threat, this is a real life problem that has already resulted in violence. Remember the movie They Live? Kyle Odom did. Kyle Odom also wrote a 21-page manifesto in which he explained why he needed to shoot Idaho pastor Tim Remington. A week after Pastor Tim conducted a very public prayer invocation at a campaign rally for then Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz, Tim was targeted and and shot multiple times by Odom. Odom, a former marine, later sent out a Facebook post explaining his motive, Pastor Tim was a Martian.


Odom’s thoughts on Rh factor are not immediately known, but his belief in Martian mind-control and manipulation were well documented in his manifesto. Odom was later arrested after a manhunt and Pastor Tim recovered and returned to his church in Idaho, but the threat of violence based on total nonsense still exists.

As an aside, folks that believe in alien origin often use this story as a way of describing racial and ethnic difference, sometimes in the same breath as misquoting Bible verse and Apocrypha.

There is a significant religious conspiracy theory that centers on Rh- as well, but it may be less dangerous and more nonsensical than the threat of folks like Kyle Odom. The quote from Dr. Will Rogers (again, his credentials could not be independently verified) appeared at the beginning of a long, rambling Facebook post, replete with loose-associations and various Bible verses taken out of context. Here is a bit more of his post (read if you dare or scroll past):

The Secret Book of John


(Celestial / Fallen Angels and Terrestrial / Homo Sapiens )
“And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” –Daniel 2:43(KJV)
Where did the Rh negatives come from? Why does the body of an Rh negative mother carrying an Rh positive child reject her own offspring?

If two Rh-Negative people try to have a baby it will usually die or be born a “BLUE Baby”, because it is not processing oxygen properly. That’s why they are called “Blue-Bloods” approximately 5% of the Earth’s population are currently Rh-Negatives.
From man’s primitive point of view, THESE creatures WERE gods! But that was early man’s point of view. Where they really gods? The ancient stories tell us, BUT, THESE STORIES WHERE TAKEN OUT OF THE BIBLE!

Rh-negative women and men have several”Unusual Traits” that Rh-positives don’t have. Some call these attributes…………….REPTILIAN!
Your blood type; A, B, AB, O / neg or pos is given to you so you can make an
WHY?? What did your soul do that it needs make an atonement????????
That’s why the blood of Yahushuwah / Jesus was and is so important!
Rh-negative women and men have several “Unusual Traits” that Rh-positives don’t. Some call them “Reptilian Traits”.

WHERE DOES Rh Negative Blood come from? Most people with RH-negative blood have certain characteristics that seem to be common among the majority. Here is a brief list of the most common.
¨ Extra vertebra.
¨ Higher than average IQ
¨ More sensitive vision and other senses.
¨ Lower body temperature
¨ Higher blood pressure
¨ Increased occurrence of psychic/intuitive abilities
¨ Predominantly blue, green, or Hazel eyes
¨ Red or reddish hair
¨ Has increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight
¨ Cannot be cloned
¨ Alien Abduction and other unexplained phenomenon

A person with type O negative blood is considered to be a “Universal Donor”….ie….
UNIVERSAL BLOOD or original blood. It means YOUR BLOOD can be given to man, mankind (a kind of man) and human (hue=color or bent man),regardless of their blood type, without causing a transfusion reaction. “O” NEGATIVE BLOOD is………

This collection of odd pseudo-science and pseudo-religious conjecture marks some of the more confusing claims about Rh- people and the Rh Negative blood factor. The belief that Rhesus Negative really means non-primate (which, again, was due to simple choice in nomenclature; read here and here) has led to several wild assumptions. The potential confusion that such a misnomer could cause, I am sure, they had not foreseen. Here’s hoping that the conflation of Rh Negative blood and extra-human origins ends or, at the very least, does not result in the harm of anyone, regardless of their blood type.

Full disclosure: I still have no idea of my blood type.


Who are the Blacks for Trump?: The Gods 2 Cult on the Campaign Trail

If you follow the 2016 Presidential campaign trail closely, you have most certainly seen video from recent Trump campaign rallies. If you do, you will notice an ever-increasing number of African-Americans in the background. They, and occasionally some white Trump supporters, regularly holding up signs emblazoned with the words “Blacks for Trump.” If that were all they said, then the anomalous ideological content of the sign-holders would likely be forever a matter of speculation.

Luckily, for students of conspiracism and anomalistic beliefs, that was not the case.

Meet Michael Symonette, AKA Maurice Woodside, AKA Michael the Black Man. Symonette is the man organizing the “Blacks for Trump” group at various Trump rallies in Florida and in recent Presidential debates. Symonette is also a former alumnus of the Yahweh Ben Yahweh cult.

After the prosecution of Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s charismatic preacher, Hulon Mitchell Jr, along with several other YBY members for conspiracy to commit murder and implicated in brutal case of mutilations and ritual beheadings (Michael was tried and acquitted), Symonette worked as a musician before starting an independent far right radio station in Miami espousing anti-gay, anti-muslim rhetoric. The radical politics, however, were part and parcel of the Yahweh Ben Yahweh tradition.

So what does the main African-American Trump supporter believe?

“One reason is because Hillary’s last name is Rodham, and their family members are Rothchilds, who enslaved 13,000 slaves as collateral … She’s also on camera kissing the head of the Ku Klux Klan and saying, ‘That’s my mentor.’ That’s all on my website.”

That website’s url,, is on most of the signs Symonette and friends bring to Trump rallies. But a visit to the website reveals a confusing mess of false hyperlinks, 48 pt. font doomsayer proclamations, and a confusing barrage of Bible verse citations and proclamations of the greatness that is Donald Trump and the sullen harlotry that is Hillary Clinton.

By Falsely accusing Trump of being a War Monger that’s why Hillary keeps saying on Liberal Media with Fox repeating naively that Trump might push the Nuclear button & she says she won’t put boots on the ground in Middle East which is the vally of Jehosaphat

The fact is she knows that she will cause Armageddon deliberately just being President because God has said she will not be saved, so because she’s doomed she wants everybody to be Killed to Rev.2:20-23.

Trump’s Female problems are phony because Deut.19:15-18, Exo.22:10 & the Constitution art.3 sec.3#1. Says u must have 2 eye witnesses to prove Guilt.

That’s right, he signs his writings on his website with his web url.

Here is an example of one of the YouTube videos linked on Symonette’s website, one of many dead links.

Symonette has been a major GOP supporter before Trump, at times supporting Rick Santorum and being lauded by Glenn Beck as proof of the existence of burgeoning Black Conservatism.

Before his vendetta with Hillary Clinton, Michael the Black Man sought a biblical battle with Oprah Winfrey.

Of course, Symonette, is not the only “Black for Trump.” Regularly joining him at Trump rallies are Eddie Jules and Anthony Williams. Jules ran for Miami-Dade County sheriff despite no experience and Kaufman is a self-proclaimed sovereign citizen and Hebrew-Israelite.

Here is Symonette, Kaufman, and Jules, posing for the camera.

Together, this trio, often good for a laugh in the Miami-Dade area are taking their show, and a few of their friends onto the Trump Train. If the regularity with which these three are brought to the front to be placed behind Donald Trump is any indication, they have truly found their true home.


If you can’t get enough of your new favorite crazy Michael/Maurice has a YouTube page under his real (?) name, Maurice Woodside, and it is all the scatological raving mess that his website is. A beautiful chaos, a perfect alternative to waterboarding.

Enter this rabbit-hole at your own risk.

Update: Maurice Symonette has yet another alias. He currently is also known as Maurice Warns and was a darling of pro-Trump fringe websites when he organized a makeshift Trump rally outside of the DNC office in Hollywood Florida.

Essentially, other than the 19-year-old man from Indiana who pollsters apparently weighted between 30 to 300 times in recent polling, there are few African-Americans supporting Trump, and most of them are really Maurice Symonette.

Another addition to the Michael/Maurice Symonette story is that he continued to follow Trump into Washington D.C. and was seen behind Ted Cruz during a hastened press encounter after Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing ended. Symonette was behind Cruz holding a white hat with the presidential seal with the words “Blacks for Trump” written in magic marker on the bill.

He and about a dozen of his friends (or followers?) were highly visible during Donald Trump’s February 18th, 2017 rally in Melbourne Florida holding signs that said “Trump 2020.” It begins to dawn on me that Symonette and Trump have a similar fondness for being seen.

For more on Michael/Maurice, check this piece on The Ave.


Requiem for Lavoy Finicum (Updated)


Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum died on January 29th, 2016. Father of 11, grandfather of 19, husband for 23 years to wife Jeanette, Lavoy was shot dead at the age of 54. His end was met due, in part, to his deeply held convictions and, in larger part, due to his involvement with the 2016 militia standoff at Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon. In the events leading up to his death, Lavoy Finicum revealed himself to be one of the most eloquent, soft spoken, and interesting militants you may ever encounter.

Lavoy first implicated himself in the 2014 Bundy Ranch Standoff in the above video posted to YouTube on April 26th, 2014. He was with Cliven Bundy when a dispute between the rancher and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) turned into national news. Lavoy has since been an outspoken opponent of the BLM and of the bureau’s insistence in charging grazing fees to ranchers on public lands.

Finicum’s religious affiliation is mostly unknown, several sources claim that he is a Mormon but Finicum made no known deliberate proclamation of faith other than his love of God. Finicum’s settling in the largely Mormon area of Colorado City, Arizona (near the Utah border) did, however, place him in direct and regular interaction with the Bundy family and within a socio-political climate rife with Mormon Anti-Federal Government sentiment. Mormons have had a long history of difficulty and conflict with the Federal Government and although the LDS church is in good stead with the federal government, Mormon ranchers such as the Bundy family take such conflicts to both religious and anti-Governmental levels. When the 2014 Bundy Standoff occurred, their neighbor Lavoy Finicum was there. When Cliven Bundy’s sons, Ammon and Ryan, were among the Harney County, Oregon protesters to break with a larger party and take over the Malheur Wildlife Reserve, their neighbor and friend was there then as well.

Though his religion may have been in dispute, Lavoy Finicum’s convictions regarding the U.S. Constitution and his claim that the Bureau of Land Management is an unconstitutional authority acting outside of Constitutional authority. In nearly every video that Lavoy Finicum posted he made his argument, concisely summarized in a blog post written by Finicum on his blog:




Though Lavoy regularly kept in good stead with the BLM, he did not trust them or respect their authority. In tweets posted months after the Bundy Ranch Standoff, Lavoy made known his distrust for both political parties and the need for ‘something’ to be done.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 12.58.11 PM

If the above seemed a vague attempt to connect the man’s ideology with his fate, then the publish of Finicum’s novel, Only By Blood and Suffering, made clear the how and the why in Lavoy’s Western apocalypticism. The page for the book describes the story as:

 . . . a family’s struggle to come together and survive in the midst of national crisis. A stirring, fast-paced novel about what matters most in the face of devastating end-times chaos. Filled with gripping action and relatable characters, readers are drawn into the heart-rending dilemmas each member of the Bonham family faces. You may even find yourself stopping to ask, “What would I do?”

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 by blood and suffering

Only By Blood and Suffering ends with a bloody gun battle. The similarities to the plot and the author’s inevitable outcome have been noted in various news articles since Finicum’s passing. This, coupled with Finicum’s brief stint as the notorious spokesperson for the Oregon Standoff participants have made him a topic of much discussion.

Tarpman as Finicum came to be known, for obvious reasons, became defacto spokesperson for Oregon ranchers occupying Malheur Wildlife Reserve. Sitting on a rocking chair, holding a rifle and draped in a blue tarp, Lavoy was eloquent in his use evasive language to neither confirm nor deny that he would draw his weapon upon FBI or other law enforcement if provoked. At the time, however, news reporters simply found Lavoy (a.k.a. #tarpman).

The media seized onto ‘tarpman’ and, with it, came Saturday Night Live and the various online stories that promoted Finicum’s fame, whether he wanted it or not. Finicum’s notoriety ended up costing him; reporting days after the ‘tarpman’ story that his four foster children had been removed from his ranch. Finicum would be quoted as saying that his endeavor to foster young people with emotional and/or drug addiction issues was his “main source of income.” In 2009, Catholic Charities paid the Finicum family $115,343 to foster children. It was likely the flagrant disregard for law or law enforcement, as publicly displayed during the standoff on national television, that led to Child Protective Services to remove the remaining foster children.


It seems important to note that Lavoy never specifically endorsed any violence with regard to the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, but instead made reference to his intent to take up arms if weapons should be drawn against him (including by Federal agents).

Transcribed from the MSNBC Live interview:


… I’ve always said, I will never point a gun at someone [who does not] point a gun at me. So if [Federal agents] just go home, and don’t point a gun at me, this is all good …


And if they point a gun at you?


You don’t point a gun at someone unless you’re serious.

What was said, and what was not said, would prove prophetic.


The footage above document the last moments and seconds of Robert ‘Lavoy’ Finicum’s life. In images that will henceforth become the subject of intense discord, Lavoy, presumably driving the white van, swerves to avoid a roadblock set for he and others involved in the standoff. Finicum hits a snow ditch and the image is lost. When the image is regained a few seconds later, Finicum is walking outside of the vehicle with his hands up. While still walking in deep snow, and as law enforcement approach him (at 9:28 in the video), Finicum appears to reach towards his left pocket with his left hand while keeping his right hand up. The law enforcement agent or officer, weapon drawn seems to react to this motion by reading the gun to fire (but based on the distance and lack of sound this video does not confirm such an exchange). At 9:29 in the video, Finicum grabs with both hands at his left abdominal area, potentially signalling that he had been shot or, as others may view the event, that he was reaching for a gun at that point (or wished to be seen as reaching for a gun). As agents in front of Finicum continue to point weapons at him, and as he seems to either be shot repeatedly or intentionally stomping his feet for no apparent reason, another law enforcement agent enters frame from behind and appears to shoot Lavoy Finicum from behind. This shot forces Finicum to the ground, it may have been that the agent saw or thought they saw a gun but no such information could possibly be apparent from the video. A few seconds pass after Finicum drops to the ground, his right hand still in the air, left hand still at his side. As a firefight ensues and muzzle flashes are visible from the helicopter capturing the entire encounter on video, a large tree crosses in the path of the video image, marking the last time Finicum’s body can be seen to move. Lavoy Finicum is dead.

Through no fault of Finicum’s, the various political and anti-Government ideologies that had aligned themselves favorably toward the occupiers of the standoff in Burns, OR began to create a narrative surrounding the firefight and Finicum’s death. Some say that Finicum was ‘ambushed and assassinated‘ and posthumously portray him as a great leader and unifying force among those within the Militia Movement. His mention of experiences growing up on the Navajo Reservation and his conflating Native American tribal issues with his own brand of anti-Federal sentiment led some to even call him ‘progressive‘ (their quotes) even as others make references to Ruby Ridge in analogy to the outcomes of the two standoffs. In death, Lavoy became a modern day martyr with messianic qualities, a Christ for the Militia.


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 ruby ridge after burns or

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 burns or rally

Of course, with any event such as this, the conspiracy theories become ever more extreme and scatter probabilistically to various extremes.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 lavoy right handed

right hand, left sidearm.jpg


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 Burns OR hoax.png

In the aftermath of the encounter with law enforcement and federal agents, Oregon Governor Kate Brown was also implicated, supporters of those ranchers in the Burns, OR standoff blaming her for Finicum’s death, some wanting blood in return.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 threatening kate brown.png

What all these reactions amount to, of course, was the shock that the events at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge did not go as they had hoped, and the amazement at the arrest of several key members of the standoff, along with the death of Lavoy Finicum. The narrative they had constructed for themselves had been very different and, as such, they were forced to create new narratives to view the events with new enemies and new conspiracies to blame on the failure of their stated goals. Days later, Cliven Bundy would ignore the pleas of his son, Ammon (currently in Federal custody) to publicly support the continued occupation of the wildlife reserve (still in progress at time of this writing). Finicum’s family released a statement denouncing the FBI’s actions, as they were the agency that conducted the operation involving the roadblock that led to the shootout and Lavoy Finicum’s death.

Lavoy Finicum died. His death may have seemed heroic to some, tragic or even shameful to others. The fact remains that as a direct result of his ideological beliefs, namely that any assertion of Federal jurisdiction over land in Western states is illegal and tyrannical. For this, right or wrong, intentionally or not, he gave his life.



The weeks after the death of Lavoy Finicum led to the arrest Ammon’s father, Cliven Bundy and the end of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Standoff.

It is still the position of most (if not all) of the American Militia Movement and Sovereign Citizens that Lavoy was killed in cold blood. The law enforcement involved state that their actions were justified. As a result of the audio/video evidence that has accumulated (none of which were specifically trained on Lavoy at the time), the opinion of those on both sides have seemingly been both justified (in their minds) and negated (by those in opposition).

The following synced videos were posted on the Bundy Ranch Facebook page (affiliation with Bundy Family for the site is presumed but unknown). The video (in the link above) was posted and meant to be shared. View the content, make up your own mind.



Everything is a Hoax: Anomie and the ‘Conspiracy’

To a conspiracy theorist, everything is a hoax.

That is not to say that some events are not hoaxes. The very basis of most ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theories, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, was a massive hoax, perhaps perpetuated by the turn of the 20th century Tsarist Russian court, and is still believed by a large number of anti-Semites throughout the world.

The Protocols was taught to German youth after WWI and was used as a rationale for legitimating the internment of German and Polish Jews in ghettos and, later, concentration camps. Nazi Germany provides the archetypal ‘false flag’ as well, when  someone set fire to the German Reichstag, allowing civil liberties to be suspended and Hitler to consolidate power.

Perhaps it is simply natural to view the changing, evermore interconnected and evermore seemingly dangerous world, to believe that highly sophisticated and total conspiracy is somehow at play. But that is neither likely nor is it even statistically possible.



The Paris Attacks that occurred on November 13th, 2015 were among a series of events that had been immediately suggested as a ‘false flag’ operation, a hoax perpetuated by a totalitarian shadow government hoping to trick the world into fear and submission.

The implications are, in fact, an ubiquitous commonplace conspiracy theory: the concept that some of the macro-level aspects of society are, in fact, controlled and regulated so that the individual can never break free. “The System is Rigged.” “THEY don’t want you to know…” “The ‘Powers that be’ want you to be quiet, docile sheep.” Et cetera. Though this smacks of paranoia, the psychological outcome is actually to simplify the world that is ever-so-much-more complicated.

Conspiracy Theories are actually coping mechanisms for an ever-increasing state of anomie.


From Anomie to Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracists, a.k.a. conspiracy theorists, do not all have the same reasons for their beliefs or political affinities but, rather, run the entire gamut from extremely liberal to the very conservative. Atheists, Christians, and members of every religion are susceptible to conspirative thought. The idea that there may be a plot afoot is, honestly, an obvious reaction to a constantly changing and increasingly combative world news, all being pumped in through the television and the internet.

Why, then, is there such a specific conspiracy theory that permeates nowadays? The idea that there is a total, super secret, covert ‘shadow government’ of un-elected rulers that controls the world and that, somehow, needs to orchestrate fake events to consolidate still more power is an increasingly popular narrative that is promoted via conspiracy theory fora, web sites, radio shows, television broadcasts, homemade and semi-professional videos as well as copious print publications. Should such a cabal be real, why would they need to conceal and consolidate their power?

The way conspiracy theorists see this ‘shadow power’ is essentially a tale of how they came to believe in The Big C9nspiracy to begin with. At one time, they believe, everything was right and good with the world (perhaps before the Vietnam War, the JFK Assassination, or even further back before The French Revolution). Then, disorder erupted (at some theorized date and time), and the upshot is that the ‘natural order’ and ‘moral compass’ of society appears to have been disrupted. From there, the mainstream or ‘Establishment’ media and news outlets become suspect and must be eschewed for a more ‘pure’ source of information and, ultimately, solidarity. This is how even a well educated person in 2016, or nearly every famous actor or musician, can become a conspiracy theorist.


From Anomie to Extremism

A common argument among the various conspiracy communities is that they simultaneously seek a fearful mass to control but also wish to take away all guns before revealing themselves as the true rulers of the world. This theory, popular within the American Militia Movement and III%ers (who off-handedly threaten armed insurrection and regularly identify with the Tea Party), is regularly invalidated by the various outcomes of armed insurrections and violent standoffs where superior police firepower and intelligence wins over homespun irrationality. It seems important to mention that this is only one aspect of conspiracist ideas popular within the United States and Canada at this time.

Something that I, as a politically liberal youth turning moderate with age and experience (or, as my younger self would say, through complacency), never wanted to deal with was the extreme Right-Wing and anti-Semitic origins of the above conspiracy theory narratives.I did not wish to attend to this glaring issue when I was a conspiracist (more specifically, a 9/11 Truther) but the issue is one that deserves addressing.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the earlier mentioned hoax par excellence also lays out the archetypal conspiracy theory of our age. A group controls all the wealth, controls all the world affairs under the noses of ‘common folk’ and seeks to use fear and desire to consolidate still more power before suspending all civil rights and revealing themselves as totalitarian rulers.The Protocols heaped all accusation on Jewish elite bankers, but the same narrative has taken various forms with various scapegoats. The Illuminati, for instance, is a secret cabal that was really started in Bavaria in the late-1700s but suspected of continuing to exist and being headed by either Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Atheists, Aliens or Satan depending on who you ask. The New World Order, a phrase poached from the Protocols, is a related conspiracy theory formulation that continues in the anti-Semitic tradition by citing the Jewish banking family, the Rothschilds, and linking apparently shadowy goings on to a presumed quest for total political and economic control. The general thrust always fits the same mold, with vile megalomania up against an innocent working class.

It is possible, then, to draw a line directly from the publication and promotion of the Protocols and the proliferation of some otherwise inconceivable conspiracy theories, and how they can seem believable to their adherents. Every event that occurs, every terrorist attack, is to the conspiracy theorist a ‘false flag’ operation; a hoax. As information comes out about the event, conspiracy theorists seek to find any and all contradictions in news bulletins, any victims whose stories don’t seem believable, any bit of rumor or unsubstantiated claim that fits their belief. Having prejudged an event as a hoax, conspiracists may then claim a survivor to be a ‘crisis actor’ (as the above video claims from 3:44 on).

Their is often an ideology attached to the conspiracist’s worldview. An ideology that does not permit that person from seeing nuance and contradiction in the actions of individuals and in the events of the world. If the outcome of an event goes against their ideology, that event must have been a ‘set-up’ of some sort. When an event such as the Paris Attacks occur, the majority of the world sees it as an act of deliberate terrorism by those who claim responsibility (ISIS) or by there sympathizers. That is not to say that many who are prone to conspiracist ideation don’t believe the same thing, if it fits their ideology they most definitely will blame ISIS or radical islamist extremists.

That being said, some blame Barack Obama, some believe it’s the Illuminati, some may claim it’s all part of a Jewish banking conspiracy. The ‘who’ does not matter to a growing community online, sharing theories and ‘research’ in forums and on their YouTube channels. Neither does the ‘what,’ the ‘how,’ or even the ‘is it physically possible’ come into play because the ‘why’ is so close to them that it can replace all doubt. The ‘why,’ it should seem, is to take away those intangibles of freedom and liberty and replace them with slavery, subservience and grief. To a conspiracist, all news is a hoax that constitutes an intentional fabrication to coerce the public into fear. In reality, we live in a changing world and that can be scary, how we choose to cope can make things better or make them much much worse!

Less than a week after the Paris Attacks, ask yourself, was fear the primary outcome of the attacks? Was it fear, or was it a few deep, uncomfortable questions about the world community? Would the Illuminati want America to have a soul search about its issues with asylum seekers? Would a top secret cabal want the Eurozone to work together to make sense of its intelligence and law enforcement communities? Would the jingoism of The West need to be called into question by The West, in effect self-shaming for having overlooked the Beirut Bombing just one day before the Paris Attacks? Call this an overly interrogative coda to a blog, but questioning is a popular evangelizing device among conspiracy theorists and “I’m just asking questions here.”

Additional Sources:

YouTube is place to find the more extreme conspiracy theories nowadays and, here are your conspiracy theories du jour for The Paris Attacks. The intersection of ideologies that come into play with these theories is a mix of Christian Enochianism, pseudoscience and good old fashioned fear of Government.



Remember That Time Alex Jones Tried to Start a Y2K Riot?

Remember That Time Alex Jones Tried to Start a Y2K Riot?

Matt Novak

What is Predictive Programming?

One of the most important concepts in support of belief in the Illuminati, that controls and manipulates major world events, is the concept of predictive programming. Predictive programming is “psychological conditioning via media to acquaint the population to planned societal changes” (definition quoted from bibliotechapleyades). The concept of predictive programming may have been originally suggested by popular conspiracy theorists Alex Jones, Michael Hoffman, and/or David Icke, at least that’s what the Wikipedia page says. In one of Alex Jones’ Infowars podcasts he describes how actor Dean Haglund (who had a recurring role as Richard “Ringo” Langley on X-Files and The Lone Gunmen) came to him and described how the CIA told television producers what to put in their scripts. The script in question aired on March 4, 2001 and predicted the World Trade Center attack that occurred on September 11th of that same year (this fact is even part of the television series’ IMDB page). Coincidence? If you believe that 9/11 was an inside job, then this was no mere coincidence: this was predictive programming!

Before we all grab our pitchforks and storm the GW Ranch in Tyler, TX we may need to dig a little deeper into the subject. Think back to 1993, the World Trade Center was the subject of so innumerable bomb threats: a total of 396 bomb threats levied within the week after the February 26th, 1993 WTC Bombing. Back then, the World Trade Center was Target #1 and everyone who lived and worked around the complex knew it, with normal weeks averaging 5 to 7 security threats or suspicious package reports the WTC complex was the subject of intense security interest. Attempts to take down the Twin Towers were nothing less than guaranteed. The fact that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed funded the 1993 WTC Bombing and was later implicated in the Bojinka Plot, which included a proposed hijacking to crash a plane into CIA headquarters, meant that the idea that a plane may be hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center was a topic of regular speculation. By the time The Lone Gunmen aired in March, 2001 the subject of the Towers being hit were covered several times in popular culture but, as Alex Jones would likely contend, all of this would be predictive programming.


So, now that we know what predictive programming is, we can now discuss what it used for. Not in the sense that it is used by some secret Illuminati overlords, but in the sense that it is used as a strategy for legitimizing beliefs. The image above was posted on Facebook and insinuates that Ebola is not real, the proof is that the Simpsons made a joke about Ebola in 1997 (ignoring Ebola was identified as early as 1976). This is a very weak example of a predictive programming claim being used to legitimize a belief.

A similar mental process exists in which an extant belief in a conspiratorial cabal, coupled with a belief in predictive programming, makes pop culture products the subject of suspicion and speculation. Here, Christian conspiracy theorists and their fear and suspicion of the CERN supercollider, which they often suggest will open up Hell and allow fallen angels to roam the earth, are legitimized through, yet again, a Simpsons episode.

Homer Simpson, of course, did not predict the mass of the Higgs-Boson particle. The mass of the Higgs-Boson was theorized, and then later confirmed. The book titled The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets makes the claim that Homer makes the prediction in the 1998 episode “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” but even though the book’s author claims that the equation is accurate, actual mathematicians disagree (link).

Predictive programming supposedly is part of Illuminati ritual practice. Theoretically, the Illuminati must hide what they intend to do “in plain sight” in order to complete their nefarious deeds. This gives their actions “power” (somehow) and only those who are “in the know” or “awake” will know the truth. All the idea of predictive programming does is give a false legitimation to preconceived notions that, ultimately, promote a paranoid and fatalistic worldview.

For a bit more info on predictive programming, a great blog on the subject is linked here.

Facts, Fear, and Walmart: Understanding the Jade Helm 15 Conpiracy Theories

A recent Washington Post article, “Why Operation Jade Helm 15 is freaking out the Internet – and why it shouldn’t be,” attempted to address takes a stab at addressing some of what makes this particular conspiracy theory happen. If you read the article, however, it becomes clear that they don’t really answer either of the questions posed in its headline. No offense to the Washington Post, but, as this blog has generally argued, a major news outlet trying to convince people that a conspiracy is not happening is a great way to convince people that there is, in fact, a conspiracy happening.

Facts About Jade Helm 15

Jade Helm 15 is a Special Op training exercise running from July 15 to September 15. The exercises will occur over several states. The scope of this specific training exercise is larger than previous training exercises that the U.S. military has undertaken, something SOC acknowledges in their press release on the exercise. Using private and public land, SOC warns that increased noise and military vehicle presence is the only expected negative outcome as a result of the exercise.

Map of Jade Helm 15 high activity exercise area.

A Little Bit About Military Training Exercises.

As mentioned earlier, military training exercises are nothing new, Jade Helm 15 just happens to be one of the most expansive in scope. Here we can discuss some of the reasons why conspiracy theorists may be on high alert. The Washington Post explains that such drills occur regularly and site as an example the Navy’s 2014 Bold Alligator exercises. To anyone familiar with the 9/11 Truth Movement the subject of large-scale military exercises immediately sounds a conspiracy dog whistle. When “9/11 Truthers” first discovered that NORAD’s Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) was conducting the training exercise Vigilant Guardian during the 9/11 attacks, suspicions seemed to be confirmed. The suspicions were further reinforced by reports that the White House situation room, and New York Pier exercises all being conducted during the time of the 9/11 terror attacks. “Smoking Gun!” says the 9/11 Truth community (which, by the way, still exists and has become a relevant social force), but strategic defense exercises are not rare. A group calling itself the Military Analysis Network explains that the Air Force runs “Red flag/Green flag” drills annually at Nellis AFB in Nevada, run an annual “Maple flag” joint exercise with Canada. Marine Corps. run 10 to 12 drills a year. The Navy runs 175 annual unit exercises. The Army is constantly running exercises (there is no number provided, but if you meet anyone who was in the Army ask them how many simulations and military exercises they participated in: my guess is double digits). American military forces have run joint branch exercises of various kinds, and run International Cooperative drills on (and over) American, Russian, German, Japanese, and South Korean soil. The fact is, if a military training exercise is not running at any given time, it should be considered a rarity. Furthermore, with ISIS expanding into Northern Africa, the Ebola outbreak still ongoing, Russia bristling, Yemen crumbling, the ever-fractious Sunni-Shi’ite conflict playing into all Middle Eastern security dynamics, and no sign that any of these global risks will do anything but get worse; there is nothing short of an absolute need for a fully functional, well-trained, and capable Special Operations Force team leading, facilitating, or (here’s hoping) preventing conflict through force of presence.

Listing Texas as “hostile” has some state residents up in arms.


If the worry surrounding Jade Helm 15 were logical, I have already posed an argument significant enough to assuage most fears. This, however, is not what is going on: although there is a certain logic at work here. The 9/11 Truth movement never died, in fact it strengthened as years went on, made countless books, opinion documentaries, and websites that serve to promote and legitimate their viewpoints. With the election of Barack Obama, a virulent anti-Obama right-wing mentality, a strong 9/11 Truth movement, and various other ideological groups began to morph and interbreed ideologies, theories, fears, and expectations. Distrust of the government (whether it is because of Obama, Bush, The Illuminati, or Satan) may be all it takes for a person to adopt a belief in a willingness of said government to round up Americans and intern them into F.E.M.A. Camps, suspect a global conspiracy to keep an entire planet secret, or enlist Walmart in hiding subterranean entrances leading to thousands of miles of underground railways and secret cities.

Five Walmarts disappear, under mysterious circumstances.

What? Walmart?

Yeah. This part was unexpected. I am used to Aliens, and Nibiru, and the Illuminati. This time, it’s Walmart that comes out of left field. In recent weeks, a few Walmart stores closed due to plumbing problems. This did not go unquestioned and those who questioned why “plumbing problems” would shut down their local Walmart noted the same reasoning for five such closures, all in states that are in Jade Helm territory. The possible implications began being enumerated across the internet conspiracy hive mind and what developed was D.U.M.B.S.

D.U.M.B.s: Deep Underground Military Bases.

D.U.M.B.s either exist or they don’t. I can’t say for sure, because, well, with $2.3 Trillion in military spending unaccounted for in recent years, I hope they at least spent the money on something good. The problem I have with the idea that there are D.U.M.B.s is a logically driven one, namely, who is staffing these places? If there are 31 dark sites underground in addition to all of the known top secret facilities there there must be thousands (if not tens of thousands) of workers with high level clearance. Alien conspiracy theories have long suggested the existence of deep underground military bases, such as the one suspected of being at Dulce, NM. There has also been suggestions for years that there exists, underground, a system of high-speed tube shuttles connecting D.U.M.B.s (as shown in the map above). The implication here is that the five recently closed Walmart stores are, in reality, to be used as portals for massive troop movement into and out of D.U.M.B.s facility shuttles. It is possible that Walmart has, in fact, partnered with SOC to provide large makeshift shelter for strategic command during the Jade Helm exercise: this is just not the type of logic that is being employed by the concerned citizens that have sounded significant internet alarmist response. To seal the whole deal, conspiracy theorists clear up my concern for who could possibly be building these “underground tunnels” being dug under Walmart: workers are being “red-listed,” or murdered to prevent their leaking the “top secret” mission.

A Special Note from a Former-“Truther.”

With conspiracy theories, the facts are irrelevant. Speculation becomes reality. People trust word of mouth, innuendo, and anything that ups the ante of an increasingly apocalyptic worldview. Lack of evidence to support these beliefs is no match for the constant integration of new conspiratorial conjecture. The world is a dangerous place, it’s true, but Americans who live in some of the safest regions in the world are convincing themselves that they live in some of the least safe conditions imaginable. It is by the mere fact that these things are imaginable that some people believe that they are true. The logical dilemma every conspiracy theorist must face is that, if there can be no disproving your theory, there can neither be any proof, and no closure. The only logical outcome is more: more fear of the government, more prepping, more worry. The bind that anyone who can be called a conspiracy theorist (whether they would call themselves that or not) is that they must never try to disprove their own theory, for if they try they may succeed. If the current-most logical step in the 9/11 Truth movement is to implicate Walmart in a potential false-flag operation, underground tube shuttles and F.E.M.A. camps, then perhaps it is time for a fundamental reassessment of worldview. Every institution from the government to big business may seem out to get us from time to time, I know I feel that way often enough, but it is important to remember that this is a feeling and not to try to convince yourself that there is some malevolent force making it so. One day you find that you spent your life shadowboxing an imaginary enemy, obsessing about the minutia and making it mean something it does not, and believing that it’s the only thing that’s real. If you are not convinced, by me or by the content of this blog, there is a compromise: accept that no one knows everything that is going on, that no one ever has or will, and that no matter what the situation seems to be we may all be wrong. The other option is much more simple, if Jade Helm 15 does not end in the disappearance of millions, the destruction of our civilization or the disclosure of any anticipated secret entities, then take stock of why you came to the beliefs that you came to and take the opportunity to reassess the world and your place within it.

Some updates listed below, for an exhaustive timeline, visit this link.

Update: April 28, 2015

Distrust of the Federal Government is getting some serious credibility in the State of Texas! Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15 exercises in Texas. Abbott cited growing concern among state residents as the reason for his unorthodox order.

Update: April 30, 2015

As Jade Helm 15 approaches, “patriots,” and conspiracy theory “researchers” will up the level of paranoia. One article, posted by Dave Hodges at suggests that ISIS is planning an invasion of Texas in time for JH 15. Why ISIS would want to make the jump to Texas at just that specific time is fairly hard to understand, but Hodges insists that Texans “in the know” are prepping for the event. Hodges explains that DHS will use the ISIS threat to declare Martial Law which, of course, is all part of a ploy for Barack Obama to become America’s first Emperor (the same plot that George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been accused of attempting during their presidencies).

Update: May 4, 2015

CNN covers “the controversy” caused by Gov. Abbott’s use of the Texas Guard to observe JH 15 drills.

Update: May 5, 2015

Chuck Norris, formerly famous right-wing martial arts expert and start of Walker Texas Ranger, has gone on record as completely not believing the “official story” behind Jade Helm 15. His rationale being, well, who the hell knows. This comes the same day as Texas Senator and Presidential “hopeful” Ted Cruz asserts the same logical malfeasance, because, well, Cruz has never been one to think before he speaks.